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Remember how you once thought you could have it all?

Your own law firm AND a rewarding family and personal life? And then “real” life happened?
You were actually right all along, but you just didn’t have the tools, insights and resources to get there.
It’s time to reclaim your vision of what life as a successful female attorney looks like, without apology.

A completely new approach to your law practice and life is within your reach.

From finally realizing true profitability, to creating a flexible schedule that gives you more precious time with your babies. As we begin to reshape our own lives, we also have the opportunity to shape the law field for the next generation of life-savvy female solopreneurs. We’re all in this together, and our best is yet to come.

Only 1% of women are millionaires. Let’s change that! My mission is to help you build a 7-figure law firm. I’m going to teach you my practical, easy-to-follow secrets of running a thriving law firm that they don’t teach you in law school. I’ll help you replace constant financial stress and long hours away from your family with a vibrant and profitable legal practice that is going to shock you when you realize how simple it was. You’re constantly looking out for everyone else in your life–it’s time to take care of you.


When I decided to go on my own I had seven years of experience working at two high volume law firms. I left those firms knowing how to be a lawyer, represent clients and successful complete cases BUT never did I learn how to run the business aspect of a law firm.

Ally’s advice has taught me how to engage potential clients using Facebook. She’s taught me how to cater to my ideal client. She’s taught me how to charge what I am worth and also how to successfully be the CEO of my law firm. She really makes me feel like a lady boss. I finally feel like I relate to all the Boss lady Instagram and Facebook posts clogging my feed since 2017.

I have Ally to thank for it. She has truly mastered running an automated, successful and reputable law firm all the while being a mom and a wife! And because she was willing to share all her insight, I believe I am well on my way to do the same. I’ve only had my practice for over a year and I’m already earning over six figures. I also don’t work nearly as much as I did with the past law firms. I take time off when I want and only the clients I want. Everything Ally touches turns to gold and I want to tap into that ability. I will watch as many of Ally’s webcasts as possible because my life my firm and my family all benefit from everything she is so graciously willing to share. Thanks Ally!!!


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