Facebook Messenger for Marketing? Yes, you read that right. And, this is a more advanced practice,  not that basic Marketing 101. You told me, “Ally, I want advanced marketing techniques.” That’s what this is, and you’re going to love it. 

We’re back with Jean Ginzburg, my marketing director. She’ll tell us about the benefits of using Facebook Messenger for your business, and how it can boost marketing and sales. 

If you’re not using Facebook yet, this series of blog posts will inspire you to get started. And if you already are, we’re going to help you leverage it more. 

Why should you use FB Messenger for marketing?

Put quite simply, your clients are already on Facebook. 

Using FB Messenger is a way of communicating with them so they won’t have to leave Facebook to interact with you. You’re not interrupting what they want to do, and it’s one reason that FB Messenger broadcasts have an 80% open rate.

If you have a business, you’re probably already using Facebook. You can use Messenger too. When we say it’s advanced, it’s in the sense that this is no longer one on one messaging. It’s not like when you send a message to your friend. 

Your clients or prospects can now message your business directly, without being personal friends on Facebook. Your business page on Facebook has Messenger. People can click on “Message now” and they can message you as a business, and as a business, you can have ready-made templates they can choose from for their inquiries. 

Once they message you, they get added to your Facebook Messenger list. It’s like collecting emails for your newsletters, but through Facebook. 

The best part? You are not spamming anyone who hasn’t even heard about you. These are people who have already communicated with you before. They have reached out to you through Facebook Messenger. They know you. They want to interact with you.

Using Facebook Messenger is a way to continue a conversation with people and most of them are warm leads!

Using FB Messenger is effective, efficient marketing

Facebook Messenger is not like with emails where you can find an email and put it on your list, but you don’t know if they’re qualified leads because they didn’t reach out to you in the first place. 

You might have gotten their emails through a lead magnet — in which case they could have downloaded your book because they needed that information — or they were researching it for a paper. You don’t know. 

But in FB Messenger, there’s a rule that they have to reach out to you first. If they interacted with you, only then can you chat via Facebook Messenger. It’s 100% opt-in.

So, you’re sending marketing messages to nurture warm leads. 

The benefits of using FB Messenger for your business

People send 1 billion business messages every month via Messenger. That’s huge, and it means companies are successfully using it to communicate with customers.

Plus, the fact that you only message people who have already reached out to you means you get more engagement:

  • FB Messenger content gets 15 times more engagement than standard ads. 
  • It appeals to 73% of your customers. Email lags behind at 61%. And people like phone calls even less( only  44%). 
  • On average, issues are resolved within 42 seconds via FB Messenger. 

Because of that speed, you turn conversations into customer loyalty. The faster you respond, the better they feel about you. That means FB Messenger increases customer satisfaction too.

You communicate with your clients or potential clients without having to use another platform like email or text message: 

    • It’s very easy and friction-less: they don’t have to give you their name and email so you can reply to them. You’re instantly connected via Messenger. 
    • Instead of other tools where your clients might refuse, they already use Messenger and they’re already on Facebook, so they can just stay where they are and still talk to you. 
    • FB Messenger integrates with so many apps you can use to further help your marketing. 

We’ll discuss FB Messenger and tool integration more in the coming blogs. Go ahead and look at your favorite businesses on Facebook. Click “Message now” and see what they have for you. 

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