For some reason, marketing has become infamous in the legal industry. There’s this misconception that if you’re a great lawyer, clients will come to you.

But the thing is most, if not all people are clueless with law-related matters. Yes, they might have heard of your services, but if they don’t know what these services are for, why would they hire you?

The purpose of marketing your services is not just to earn, but to help as many people as you possibly can. By making them aware of their legal situation, they’re more likely to take necessary actions, which include hiring you for your service(s)!

I encourage you to start marketing your services NOW, and you can start with these 3 simple marketing strategies.

Do a free phone call-in clinic

By launching a free phone call-in clinic, you give potential clients a chance to get a free consultation, but only for a limited time. The idea is similar to a radio show, where people would call in, ask questions, and you provide the solution.

To get started, you’ll need to get a phone number through UberConference. You need a number different than your office’s so you can distinguish the free consultations from the paid ones.

Tip:  Don’t use the free one from UberConference, because that will still require people to dial a pin. Clients don’t like complicated processes!

After that’s completed, you can now start scheduling a call-in clinic. When you’re “promoting” your scheduled call, be sure to emphasize the time limit, e.g. “Call this number by 5 pm this Monday only.”

The gist here is to do a very quick consult. Just cover the basics of their case’s process. From there, you can:

  • Offer to have a consultation at your office with a discounted price; or
  • Tell them which legal service you can offer, but you’ll need to elaborate the process in a full consultation at a discounted price.

Do a Facebook Live video

Those who follow me on Facebook know that I love doing Facebook Live videos! Doing Facebook Live videos consistently can help you garner consultations, build a positive image for your firm, and make more profits.

Many lawyers tell me that they’re nervous to go live on Facebook. One mistake might ruin their career, and you can’t undo mistakes when you’re live.

But that’s not entirely true. Think of it as a consultation of sorts. You also talk about the common cases in your field and the process of solving them!

And as I’ve mentioned, you can also do quick consultations here! People who are watching can type in a question, you answer them and voila! Consultation, done!

Here are a few tips to have a successful FB Live video:

  • Don’t over-explain, technicalities scare clients off
  • Create a concise yet intriguing title for every video
  • List topics you’ll discuss in the video
  • Always have a disclaimer that any legal information you give out is not legal advice

Offer a free legal clinic

This one needs more preparation than the other two, but the payoff is huge! The goal of this free clinic is to get a large number of attendees and do quick-but-valuable consultations, where you can screen cases and quote potential clients afterward.

You might attract some clients unwilling to pay, yes, but if you know how to quote your value efficiently, as I’ve shared in the Ally Lozano Sales Academy, you’ll transform these people into paying clients!

Handling plenty of inquiries can be time-consuming, so I highly suggest you give intake sheets to people who just arrived. The intake sheet can help you gather information through the screening questions included. When it’s their turn, you can simply have a look at their sheet and get an overview of their case. It’s more efficient than having to discuss the situation from start to finish.

What marketing strategies do you implement in your firm? Share them in the comments section below!

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