The world of social media marketing is overloaded with information on how to market, what to do, and where to post. It can be overwhelming especially when you’re already not sure if you even want to include social media in your marketing strategy. After all, you’re a lawyer. Can’t you just skip it? 

There’s your biggest hurdle right there: mindset. You have to shift your perspective. 

Social media marketing isn’t something you can skip anymore. Accept it, take part in it, enjoy it. 

Once you have a positive perspective in mind, it will definitely boost your social media strategy and remove objections in your mind. 

Don’t worry about reposting and overposting

If you have researched content strategies and ways to think about content, you may have come across with an article from a marketing expert telling you not to overpost because it’s potentially annoying and ultimately bad for your business. Your clients may grow tired of you easily if they hear from you everyday —content fatigue, as they call it.

But as a social media user, do you immediately notice the reposts from the people you follow? Chances are, you don’t. 

Even if the people you follow repeat their content, you won’t notice it anyway due to the amount of content you consume every day. I can even go as far as to say that you probably can’t remember the last 20 pieces of content that you consumed! It all runs together!

This is true for all of us, including your targets and prospects. They need to keep up with so much content that even if you repeat yours, it’s not detrimental.

In fact, it’s even beneficial because what you’re essentially doing is strengthening the message you bring through the repetition of your content. It reassures your audience that you really stand for your message and it can draw them to you.

And even if people notice your reposts or they see you frequently, it will just place you at the forefront of their minds. The demand for content is very high and this is not going to change anytime soon. It would be to your advantage to have multiple, varied pieces of content to feed your audience. 

To learn more about the platform, be an observant user

To be successful in social media, you just need to know the basics. Taking online courses, webinars, and certifications can certainly help you, but they’re not necessary! 

The best way to master any social media platform is to just be an observant user.

Your audience is an extension of you. And the easiest way to recognize and share their perspective is to be active on the platforms they frequent. Browse through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok DAILY. By using the platforms regularly, you will observe patterns and trends. 

You will notice how you and your audience prefer to communicate, what formats they prefer, how long you and your audience prefer the content to be, and so much more. And by sharing their perspective, it’s easier to create the content that YOUR audience prefers.

Don’t be constrained by the trends on a platform

But while you observe your platforms, here’s the biggest thing you have to remember: You don’t have to follow the trending content on a platform. You might think, “Oh! If I’m going to use TikTok, I have to be funny.” But the truth is you really don’t.

Don’t let trends transform your content. If it’s already related to your existing content or you have the capability to do it, go ahead. But don’t just follow trends for the sake of doing so. It will not help your content and you might alienate the part of your audience who is already familiar with you and expects you to have YOUR style of content.

A platform is just that, an opportunity for you to stand up and provide information. What really matters is your message. 

It’s not about you, it’s about your message

Think of gifts. Even if the wrapper is simple, what really matters is the gift inside. Don’t be too worried about how you look, how you sound, what equipment you will be using, especially when starting out. Work with what you have.

Nowadays, content with very high production quality is becoming very common. It doesn’t really make you stand out at all if you go for all those bells and whistles.

People prefer authentic content over showy eye-candy. People will have more of a connection with a good video shot with a smartphone than a full production setup about nothing.

But if you have the passion or the team to make your content as high quality as possible, you can definitely do so. It’s not a bad practice! But if you don’t have those options, don’t worry about it. Just focus your energy into delivering your message and making what you say resonate with your people.

If what you’re going to say in your content moves you, it will move other people as well. But it’s now your job to make your message visible to others.

You’re doing your clients a disservice if you don’t reach them

Even if you’re the best attorney in the world, if you can’t get clients, you’re not helping anyone. So it’s your duty to maximize your efforts in social media. That’s where most of our clients are and that’s where you can make the most impact.

If you really want to help people by giving them tips, recommendations, and ultimately providing them your services, you really have to reach them where they are. Long gone are the days when you didn’t have a platform for your voice—now you have multiple. 

And you don’t have to be certified in marketing to market yourself. You just have to be present in the same places as your audience and you have to produce content frequently. 

Post what you are passionate about and the people will come. Most people need help, they just don’t know where to find it. Your job is to be there when they try to find help.

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