There are few things better than a fresh start. Now that 2019 is here, it’s time to put together a plan to start the new year off strong.

Many lawyers think that the first month or two of the year will be slow in their legal businesses because clients are crashing off the holiday high. But with the right strategy, you can start your Q1 on top!

Here are a few things you need to do to cultivate success in the new year:

Host a Free Legal Clinic

Because potential clients may still be trying to recover from their holiday spending, it is a great time to connect with them by offering a free legal clinic.

You can host the clinic at your law firm or rent a room for free at your local library. Promote it through Facebook ads and your firm’s Facebook and social media. Try to reach out to local radio shows to see if you can they can promote your free legal clinic to their audiences. Use Facebook interest groups to promote the clinic as well.

At the clinic, be sure to provide every person with an intake sheet so you have their contact information and can follow up after the consultation. Also, have pre-prepared quote sheets and information on how to sign up with your firm that way you can have clients ready to get going on their cases.

It’s a fast, easy way to earn new business while helping people at the same time.

Start A Facebook Live Show

Jump on to Facebook once a week at a pre-determined time to talk to your followers about legal issues. Encourage your followers to ask questions so you can answer them live right there on the spot. Get them warmed up by talking about issues that matter to them.

If you are going to stream it through your phone, be sure to use a tripod.

Pro tip: Use a ring light (like this one) to help give you better lighting.

Start Tracking Your Consultations and Contracts

If you don’t track your consultations and contracts, now is a great time to start! Use a numbering system so you know how many consultations you get a month and also how many contracts you get a month.

An easy numbering system is Year- Month- # of consult or contract. If it’s a consultation, stick a C in front of the year.

For example, the third consultation in January 2019 would be C19-0103. The second contract would be 19-0102.

Be sure to track your consultations separate from your contracts. It is important to know each of those numbers individually. It will allow you to create goals for future months and years.

Define Your Niche

“The riches are in the niches.” What case types do you love? What clients do you love to serve? Understanding your Ideal Client is key to ensuring you have a successful law practice. It seems counterintuitive, but the more specific your practice, the more “in demand” you will be. Find a case type or two that you can master,  and find ways to become known for your unique practice types.

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