FB Messenger is an efficient tool for your business. Your target customers are already on Facebook. It’s a simple matter to get in touch with them there, and they don’t even have to navigate away from their chats with friends or family!

We’re back with Jean Ginzburg, my marketing director. She’s telling us about the benefits of using Facebook Messenger for your business, including how to use it to boost your marketing and sales.

If you’re not using Facebook yet, this series of blog posts will inspire you to get started. And if you already are, we’re going to help you leverage it more.

So here are…

4 Ways to Use FB Messenger for Your Business

1- Lead people to your Messenger

Running ads on Facebook to reach people isn’t new. Now try leading them to your Messenger. Use “Message” as your CTA button, and ads will take your audience to their Messenger and your Messenger account. This lets your audience directly ask you any questions they have about your ad or offer.

That’s typically how people end up on Ally’s Messenger.

When you have an ad on Facebook, your CTA can be anything you want:

  • Get likes to your page
  • Take them to a landing page where you exchange something valuable for their email address
  • Direct them to your website
  • Get them to call you
  • Or, now, chat with your team via Messenger

Whatever your ad is, you can decide where you want to direct them.

What’s amazing is if you direct them to send you a message, you can do all the above. Chat gives you another opportunity to make the ask for any of those actions.

And, Facebook doesn’t want people spammed by promotional content from businesses. So you can only send a message to people who interact with you, like clicking on your ad CTA.

Once they ask you their question, you can start that conversation and start them on a marketing sequence. That marketing sequence can get them to Like your page, bring them to landing pages, your website, and of course, the ultimate goal, get them to call you — more on that below.

2- Maximize FB Messenger with ManyChat

When you start, yes, you can reply to Messenger chats individually. But because this Messenger tactic is so effective, you’ll soon be overwhelmed. After all, everyone has Messenger, and it’s so easy for people to message businesses from there.

For example, Ally gets dozens of messages every day.

ManyChat is a chat marketing automation tool. With it, you don’t have to answer your messages manually. You enter keywords for your bot responses, and it takes care of your messages for you.

You can manage your Audiences and use various widgets to help your marketing. When they visit your website, a ManyChat-powered chatbox can be there, too.

3- Add a delivery sequence to get them to call you

Once they’ve gotten in touch with you, you can now nurture them. They get added to your Audiences, your subscribers. You can use ManyChat to start sending marketing messages to your Audiences too.

You must’ve received ads from businesses you messaged via Messenger. Do the same. This is your way of selling to them, telling them what you can do for them. You want to get them to the door or the phone and call you.

The biggest mistake people make on their social media and Messenger is trying to answer every single question that comes through in a meaningful way.

Ally has 1600 people in her audience. Imagine getting that many for your firm’s Messenger too. You can see how overwhelming and inefficient it would be to respond to every single message.

Instead, send them your welcome message and make sure your chatbot responses have useful information from FAQs. Answer and share information to ultimately get your audience to pick up the phone and get a consultation with you to get their questions answered in more detail.

4- Make it easy for your Audiences to get in touch

With ManyChat on FB Messenger, you can give Audiences simple buttons to reach you.

For example, if you want them to call, just add the “Call number” button and enter your number. Once you send the message with this button, all your Audience has to do is tap it to speak with someone in your office.

If your Audiences prefer, or are very good with emails, use the  “Email” button.

It’s all about your audience and how best you can connect with them.

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