Marketing basics are so important right now while we’re all feeling overwhelmed and anxious. These basics give you a solid foundation on what to do to successfully keep running your law firm, and more importantly, to keep getting new clients. 

That’s what marketing is for. I want you to ask yourself: “What am I doing today, this week, this month to create more business?” 

You’ve gotta have a plan, or a basic strategy, like posting a Facebook Live for 30 days, or posting 3 times a day on Facebook. That’s it. Simple enough. 

You must have heard this line many times before: “Don’t market! Save your money! Referrals are the only way to get through this! Only people who come through referrals actually hire.” 

That’s just not true. You can’t wait for referrals. You have to market as if your business depends on it, because it does. 

Marketing Basic #1: Remember your audience’s pain points. 

This foundation to marketing can often get lost in all the strategy and action-taking. 

Resolving to take action and setting out a plan is great, but it should always come from a place of addressing your audience’s pain points. 

There has NEVER been a time, during a crisis or not, when people were eager to spend hours trying to figure out a solution to their problems. 

Right now people have so much to worry about. There is so much internal and external noise.  You need to just get out there, and SHOW PEOPLE YOU CAN SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS. 

You can do that by: 

  • Creating videos about topics they are thinking or worrying about.  
  • Sharing informative articles, memes, emails.  

Marketing Basic #2: Tell people you are open.

Have you announced to your former, current, and potential clients that you are open? Post it on your social media pages, send the announcement via email, and mention it every time you do a video or Facebook Live. 

This goes back to your audience’s pain points: one of their top questions is if you are open, if someone out there can work to solve their problems. They won’t know unless you tell them. 

This is important to your current clients– they’ll be wondering what will become of their cases– and to your potential clients as well. 

COVID-19 doesn’t negate people’s need for legal representation. They need to know that yes, you can represent them. 

Marketing Basic #3: Be visible

“If people aren’t working and are locked down in their homes, how can I get new business?” 

The answer is by being visible. And we’re lucky in the age we live in: we can achieve visibility online. Go on Facebook and talk about your services. Make social media posts and boost them for a wider reach. Tell people you are open. Publish content that answers the questions that are on their minds. Email them so you’re also there in their inbox. 

People may not hire you today – but if you do your part so that they see you and they see reminders of what you can do for them, then they will hire you when next they are able. 

You need to market yourself: be everywhere.  

Marketing Basic #4: Create content. 

If you’re going to follow the first three tips above of answering your audience’s pain points, telling people you’re open, and being visible as much as you can, then you will need to create content. 

After all, a blog post can discuss a frequently asked question, a social media post can give a tip, and you certainly can’t keep posting the same content and expect people to believe you’re open! 

Being visible means being helpful and valuable. What can you give your audiences so they derive real value from what you post, see your expertise and get a real idea of what it’s like to work with you while they’re at it?  

Creating content for the whole week or even the whole month doesn’t take a lot of time. But hey, because we’re at home, you might actually have time to fill your content calendar. 


Create a meme:

  • Create an account with Canva
  • Create one meme to post
  • **My best advice is that your first is one that states that you are still open for business!**

Create a video: 

  • Create a 60 – 120 second video about your main case type. If you have an iPhone, you can use an app called Clips that will put automatic subtitles on your videos, and it has great filters that make you look gorgeous! My Mastermind ladies and I call one the “angel filter” because for one of the videos that I made and posted on my firm’s page, people commented, “You look like an angel!” So try it out! 

Email blast:

  • Create a Mailchimp account.
  • Upload all of your contacts’ email addresses into Mailchimp.
  • Send out an email checking on your former and current clients. And announce that you are open. 

Post your meme and video:

  • Post the meme on your firm’s social media accounts with a SHORT blurb INCLUDING YOUR PHONE NUMBER.
  • Schedule the video to be posted later the same day with a short blurb, also with your phone number.


  • Create one meme 
  • Create a 60 – 120 second video about your main case type
  • Post them both 
  • Hire someone from Upwork to design an email template for you in Mailchimp 


  • Create one meme 
  • Create a 60 – 120 second video about your main case type
  • Post them both 
  • Send your first email blast to your email list through Mailchimp. If you don’t have your template yet, send a meme and a link to your video


Add in: Schedule a Facebook Live. Do it weekly at the same time. 

ACTUALLY, if you are serious about growing your business, and you are serious about really surviving this crisis then I have a major challenge for you. 

Do a Facebook Live every day for 30 days.

Yep, you read that right. Do it. No excuses. Doing a Facebook Live, you can easily execute each one of the marketing basics: answering a pain point, telling people you’re open, and being visible. 

Marketing Basic #5: Tell people what to do next: include your number and a Call to Action (CTA) in everything. 

The visibility I mention in the blog title isn’t just about your visibility to your audiences, but the visibility of results, and the visibility of your services to those who need them.  

All the above can be pretty useless if you’re not leading people toward your services. Give them suggestions on what they can do to learn more about what you can do for them. 

For example, my clients are not really tech savvy, so I always include my phone number so they can call. That can be the same for you, or if your audience happens to be more online, then give them links to specific landing pages or your website. 

Almost everything you post should have a CTA. Don’t worry about being pushy or salesy– it’s marketing and people barely notice it. 

Actually, what they would notice is if they wanted to get in touch with you and you’d given them no way to do so. So you always need to post your contact information or a suggestion to learn more. 

It’s simple. You can say, “Have any questions? Call me at this number _____” or “Reply to this email” or “Click here to know more.” 

And on that note, here’s a reminder that you can write to me any time with questions or comments or freak outs! We’re in this together!

If you can believe it, I have even more knowledge to share on this topic! If you’d like to learn more about marketing basics for maximum visibility, sign up for my Six Figure Solo program!  Six Figure Solo now comes in three tiers – Executive, Solopreneur, and CEO. Sign up here!