The best videos share something about your expertise. As a lawyer, that would mean talking about answers to your frequently asked questions, or perhaps discussing your processes so that your potential clients know how you do what you do, and make the conclusion that you’re the best one to work with.

That’s really the goal of your videos. Providing value, being helpful, and therefore giving your audience a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you. 

In this blog, Jean and I give you ideas on what to share on your videos or video types you can cycle through. 

1. Informational/Promotional 

Speaking of cycling through video types, you definitely want to do an informational video now and then. You can post one on your website. It can be something as simple as your firm’s website, location address, and phone numbers. 

Talk to people about how they can get in touch with you. You might notice me repeating that in my own videos. I keep giving you that information because people always ask it! 

So talk about your info: 

  • What cases you handle
  • What you specialize in
  • Your processes and how potential clients can get started on their case

People need to hear this a lot of times to understand and absorb it, and to feel convinced that you’re the right person for their problem. 

You can do a video on:

  • Each of the services you offer
  • Introduce it and the benefits it can give your clients. 
  • Any products or services you launch

2. Vlog 

A vlog is simply a video blog. You can do this daily or weekly, to share a story from your work, an experience, or a client’s experience. People like to hear about results, and how those results are achieved. 

This type of video is particularly important because it shows people it’s not just you talking about concepts there in your office. It shows them you actually do the stuff you talk about, that you’ve actually helped clients in the past and present, and given the results they wanted. 

3. Interviews 

If you have an expert in your field, who complements what you do, do an interview. You might be surprised how easy it is to request to do this. It’s win-win for everyone after all. Both of you get to appear to your shared audience. 

And your audience also benefits from the advice and other lessons they can glean from your expert. 

4. Testimonial interviews

Testimonial videos are great so this deserves its own section. You can interview your past and current clients. You see this often on websites and it’s usually done like a regular video rather than an “interview” with someone asking questions in the background. 

You can create a format, and your clients can simply talk about their experience working with you. 

An example format would be: name, location, problem, how it was solved, what they found memorable during the case, what they liked most about you and your team. The answers to these prompts would be about two to three paragraphs which your client can use as a script for their testimonial. 

5. Tutorials/webinars

These are valuable content with the potential to be shared by your audience, or they’d simply tag their friends and family to the video. Either way, your visibility increases organically. 

Jean and I do a lot of these videos. Jean talks about digital marketing, and I discuss entrepreneurship, treating your law firm as a business, and so on. You can add a sign-up for access to your more in-depth videos. 

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