Video is a great marketing tool for any business, but especially for lawyers, coaches, and other experts and professionals who provide services to their clients. It shows your audience your personality. It touches them on a personal level, and they get to like you and see your expertise in how you talk and what you talk about in your videos. 

Done is better than perfect

You might be thinking, I don’t want to be on video, I’m not great at speaking. I hear this all the time. People say, Ally, I don’t like how I sound on video, I don’t like how I look on video. 

People overcomplicate video. Your fears about video is usually connected to public speaking, talking on stage, where you only get one take. You want to be perfect. So on video, people do several takes. They want it perfect! 

And as you’ve seen in my own videos, I don’t aim for perfection. Done is better than good. Done is better than perfect. Get it done, get your video out there. 

Video is marketing yourself: people want your message

I don’t have the best lighting, but at the end of the day, it’s about my message. I’ve built a seven-figure business through doing Facebook Live videos that are not at all perfect, and I don’t think I’d make any more money or be any more successful if they were. 

Just do your video. If you don’t do it, you are losing out on so much potential business, on this opportunity to market yourself. 

The power of video

So what do you put on your videos? Easy: the same thing you talk about with your clients every day. When you talk with your clients, you’re only having one on one interaction. But if you make a video, you push your expertise out to many people at once. They get the help and information they need from you. 

  • Video boosts conversion and sales
  • Video shows great ROI
  • Video builds trust 
  • Video appeals to mobile users
  • Video marketing can explain everything
  • Video encourages social shares

68% of consumers prefer watching an explainer video to solve any product-related problem. If you have FAQs, do a video and put it on your website and share it every now and then on social media. You can base your Facebook Live videos on these FAQs. 

Other stats on the power of video: 

  • Global consumer internet video traffic accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. 
  • Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day.
  • 55% of people watch videos online everyday.

Your audience is out there waiting to consume your videos. 

With video, you would see better return on investment than you would with graphics, images, or written content like blogs or articles. 

Video builds trust. You can’t get that kind of interaction with a blog or even a podcast. In video, your audiences can see you and get an understanding of your personality that doesn’t come through in other channels. 

For example, most lawyers would say the same things on their websites. What makes you different from every other lawyer? When they hear you talk and see your personality on video, that’s how your clients see exactly what makes you different. 

All business is relationship and connection, and you can connect with your leads through your videos. You can create 2-minute videos explaining things your clients ask about frequently, and people would be more likely to work with you than with someone they’ve never met. 

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