This is the time to be everywhere. 

That is the key to marketing: BE EVERYWHERE. And right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is online. Everyone is glued to their phones and laptops. If you create an online presence, more of your audience will see you. All you have to do is show up. 

What this COVID era has taught us: everything IS online

Our history is going to be divided between our pre-COVID and post-COVID existences. We’re still not in the aftermath. Even after we overcome this hurdle, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Even after we’re all vaccinated against COVID-19, there’s no going back to life as it was. 

This pandemic has taught us that we could go virtual. Everything can be done online. We can do things differently for our businesses and our clients. 

I know my business has been transformed. I’m sure you can say the same for yours. 

And now that everyone’s home and online, I’ve realized being on only one marketing platform is not enough.

I’ve been using Facebook for years. I love Facebook. I’ve built a seven-figure empire, and you could say it was through Facebook. And then I started using TikTok. I hope you’re also using it! 

COVID-19 has changed everything. People are online more than ever. 

And now more than ever, conducting business during the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns have really shown us that you have to be online. When it comes to marketing, you have to be everywhere. And not just everywhere, but also posting as often as you can. I used to do Live videos every Monday at six. 

But now once a week is no longer enough because people are online constantly! 

Are you maximizing your marketing in the COVID era? 

In this post-COVID world, people are no longer working in an office. People are working, shopping, and communicating online all the time. So what you need to do is be visible everywhere online.

Attention spans are short. Twitter now has Fleets, Instagram, and Facebook have their Stories. TikTok has minute-long videos. People are consuming content fast, and they can consume so much within the five or ten minutes they use to check their social media. 

You can watch four 15-second videos in a minute. In an hour, you can take in over 200! In two hours, over 500. 

These days we’re absorbing a ton of content. Your audience is practically sitting there waiting to watch whatever you post. 

But this also means that if you only make one TikTok a week, it’s going to be quickly buried and forgotten. 

People will forget about your video quickly because they’d have seen over a thousand videos in half the week, or by the time they see another one from you. That’s just the nature of today’s online content. 

I don’t want you to become overwhelmed, but I want you to try to be everywhere, more often. 

It’s really not as hard as you think. 

On TikTok, for example, you can post a 15-second video. You don’t want to post long videos. People just scroll past them. I used to preach about keeping videos to 90 seconds or less. But now it’s different. Ask yourself, how can you cap your video length at 60 seconds? How can you make it in less than 30 seconds? If you can hit the sweet spot of 15 seconds, go for it. Plan for it. Practice for it. 

Aim to massively increase your digital footprint

If you want to make more money and you want to help more clients and change more lives, you need to be everywhere. Make it happen. 

Use all social media platforms. I don’t mean this literally. But where does your audience hang out? 

I always said that there’s no reason for me to use Instagram because the people I serve aren’t there. But, you know what? I’ve since found out that they are actually on Instagram. So I created an Instagram account.

Everyone is on TikTok right now. Just like everyone is on Facebook. There are no longer any exceptions. If you’re targeting people over the age of 25, they’re there. 

Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are now basic starting points. You have to be on them. 

Now you might be saying, “I’ll have to learn how to use them.” Well, all you need to do is use them. Use them all the time and you’ll learn how to use them, how to select the best hashtags, how to make sure you get views, and how to make your content compelling. It’s all in using these platforms. 

If you’re not taking advantage of all the platforms available to you, if you’re only on Facebook, and you don’t yet use Instagram or TikTok, I want you to go open these apps immediately. Download them and use them! 

This is the marketing opportunity presented by COVID-19. Everyone’s online, so you have to be as well. Get your message to your audience through quick videos. Get them through the door this way. It works! 

If you can believe it, I have even more knowledge to share on this topic! If you’d like to learn more about marketing, sign up for my Six Figure Solo program!  Six-Figure Solo now comes in three tiers – Executive, Solopreneur, and CEO. Sign up here!