The word “branding” can elicit some less than stellar feelings, especially in this day and age of over-branding and over-marketing. However, a brand is an important way to convey our message clearly and concisely which in turn allows us to serve more clients. Not only that, having the right brand allows us to bring in the clients that we want to attract so that we can do the work that we love with the clients and cases that we most enjoy.

Creating a brand only has three parts, and they are much easier than you think. Let’s get down to it:

1. Professional Headshot

Having a professional headshot is non-negotiable. Many lawyers today put up cell phone pictures of themselves to use on their websites and other online platforms which is a major no-no. A professional headshot creates a strong visual presence and helps present you as the expert that you are.


This photo is an investment in your practice; it is not a “cost” or an “expense.” If you work at a firm and they won’t pay for your professional headshot, pay for it yourself and ask for your firm to put it up on their site.

Use your professional headshot on your website and across all of your social media platforms. Your photo should visually tie together your online presence.

2. Logo

It’s time to ditch the scales of justice. Your logo needs to be personalized to you and your practice. You can have a logo made for you for $150 or less using different online sites. We used Conception Logo ( for our firm’s logo and another business logo as well and we have really liked working with them.

Some things to consider for your logo:
– What colors do you want to use? What colors best reflect you and your practice?
– Are there any specific images that resonate with your clients and the work that you do?
– Is there a font or other typography that you like?
– What are three logos you like from other companies? What do you like about them?
– What do you want clients to feel when they see your logo? What do you want them to know about you?

Here’s my logo for example:

Share your professional photos and logos below!


3. Tagline

A tagline is a sentence or sentence fragment that sums up the “why” and “how” of your work. Your clients have pain points and your tagline should help summarize your response to their fears. A good tagline is specific to the work that you do for your clients.

For example, “justice for you,” is unclear because it does not say what this “justice” is for or what type of law the lawyer practices. But if that lawyer practices personal injury law, she could instead say, “Fighting for justice for victims of car accidents,” or “We seek justice for car accident victims.” If she practices immigration law, she could say, “We fight for justice for immigrants in the US.”

It can go further than that, though. You can take their pain points and include them in the tagline. The tagline “Uniting families through the use of the US immigration system,” addresses the pain points of an immigration client because most people see the US immigration system of tearing families apart instead of bringing them together. A divorce attorney could say, “Helping mothers achieve the custody their children deserve.” This touches the pain point of a mother who wants to retain as much custody of her children as possible because she believes it is in the best interest of her children.

Once you put these three parts together, you have created your brand! Be sure to use your logo and professional photo across all online and digital media.

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