Bringing your money stories and excuses to the surface is one thing, but moving past these obstacles is the real challenge. To do that, you need to let go of these stories and change your money mindset step by step.

You can’t change what you don’t know, so the first step to overcoming these stories is recognizing fact from fiction. Which of them are true and which are not? Do you actually want to earn your worth? Then accept the fact that you can do the work that you love and earn a great living.

It’s easy to stick with these stories and excuses because we find reasons to justify them. It’s easy to believe that we don’t need to earn more than “enough” because we don’t deserve to earn more than other lawyers, or that we should be contented to earn enough for our needs and maybe a bit of savings, and that’s it.

But once you’ve shed light on the truth behind these stories, you’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I realize this sooner”?

Once you’ve recognized your own money stories, it’s time to:

Talk back to yourself.

We need to get into lawyer mode with our belief systems and argue the other side. We need to argue against our current beliefs and reframe the stories that we’ve told ourselves in the past.

Once we shed light on our incorrect belief systems and corresponding narratives, we can begin to change them by updating those beliefs with actual facts. You’ll quickly begin to see that what you have been telling yourself and holding on to are actually just “alternative facts”.

For example, every time you think of charging below your normal fees just because you think the client can’t afford it, or might run to another lawyer, tell yourself, “I’m doing quality, life-changing work. I’m providing value, so I deserve to receive something of the same value in return.”

Change those stories permanently.

Change those old stories once and for all. There are many rich people who got to where they are because they care deeply, want to change the world and have empowered people to change their lives, not because of selfishness or greed.

For every greedy, dishonest wealthy person out there, there are thousands of hardworking, caring, life-changing rich people who got to where they are because of the excellent work they’ve done. You are one of them, and you deserve to earn like one.

What you believe about yourself, about your what you’re capable of, comes true. So the more you repeat positive affirmations to yourself, the more those affirmations will become reality. Positive thinking can give you the power to earn more than you ever could’ve imagined, in your practice and in your life.

So ditch the negative money stories and change them to positive affirmations. Stay faithful to these new positive stories and you’ll soon find yourself turning those stories into reality!

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