Ask for the sale! This is the most basic principle of converting your prospects. Turn that consultation into a secured client by asking for the sale. That’s it. It’s that simple. 

I used to play it really differently. I would address their objections, explain this or that, trying to be customer-centric. And then at the end, it would go something like this: 

“Whenever you’re ready, just give us a call. The instructions are right there in your packet. Just give us a call when you want to get started, and we’ll start right away. The moment you pay is the moment we get the ball rolling. With other lawyers, you might pay but they don’t start on your case immediately. But here we work really differently. The moment you pay is the moment we get started.”

That, for the most part, was how my consultations would end. 

But now I’m getting better results. Because I’ve decided to ask for the sale. 

How to ask for the sale

This is simply what I added to my spiel above: 

“If you’re ready to get started right now, I will start on your case right now. So are you ready? Do you want to start?”

I want to call your attention to what I said and how I said it. 

I asked for the sale in a way that’s not pushy. It’s not slimy. It’s not sleazy. It is the most natural next step in the conversation. 

I’ve already said that once they make a payment, we will get started. And now I’m saying,if they want to start right now, by making the payment, I will get started right now.

WHY you should immediately ask for the sale

Why is this important? It’s because no one is ever going to be as excited as your prospective clients are at that moment. They’re still sitting with you and you’ve just finished showing them what you can do for them. 

They are going to be very, very excited to get started on their case right then!

You know when you go to a car dealership, and you take a car for a test drive? It’s amazing and you’re feeling good. You think, “Oh yeah, I want this car!” 

Then the salesperson tries not to be pushy, saying, “You go home and think about it.”

So you go home to think about it. You cook dinner. You do your household chores. You catch up on errands and work tasks and you go to bed. The next day, you drive your car. You immediately remember that new car, but by day three, you’re thinking, “Why do I need a new car? This one works fine. I have other things to deal with. It takes half a day to buy a car and I have other things on my plate.” 

That’s your initial excitement gone. Life happens. And your excitement has passed. 

It’s the same thing with legal services. 

Right? The excitement is going to fade because life happens. Even if people badly need legal services, they still are going to lose a little bit of the momentum and excitement when they leave your office.

So ask for the sale. Don’t lose out on that excitement. 

What to avoid when you ask for the sale

In my mastermind group, we strategized on avoiding one of the common mistakes I often see. 

Some lawyers say this: “If you want to get started, I’m gonna send you the contract. You’re gonna read it over. And then we’ll take the payment and get started when you decide to ask.” 

It’s so natural, right? It’s a contract. 

But that’s a mistake. When you say something about the contract, that’s actually scary to your prospective clients because now they’re leaning back and thinking, “I don’t know how to read a contract. I don’t know what to do with that. She’s a lawyer. Maybe she’s trying to get one over on me.” 

It’s a buzzkill. It kills your momentum and their excitement. 

So instead of mentioning the contract, just get straight to the point. 

“I am absolutely ready right now. If you’re ready, let’s get started. All I need to do is take your payment and we can do this.”

So while they’re getting their credit card out, or maybe calling the bank, or getting their ID, I create the contract. I don’t need to point it out and say, “Let’s sign this contract.”

It’s just something you do when you make a payment, you sign something. It doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It doesn’t have to be a buzzkill. 

And avoid barriers to the sale. 

  • Make sure your firm is prepared to take payments over the phone. Send over the documents. 
  • Make sure you accept credit cards.
  • Make sure you use the Hello Sign platform.

Make it easy for them to pay and get started. Make it easy for them to sign up with you on the spot, whether you’re talking to them in your office or over the phone. 

When you say we can get started now, mean it. 

Now I’m not advocating not having a contract. I begin work on zero cases without a contract. 

But a contract is sometimes nerve-wracking for clients. It’s the opposite of exciting. 

So keep moving forward. Connect with them and their needs, and keep the momentum going by immediately signing forms for their work permit and green card. 

You ask for the sale by focusing on their needs. That’s not slimy or sleazy. 

Create a sense of urgency

Part of efficiently using sales is wanting to create urgency. 

Do you know those vacuum seal bags? They make your packing more efficient by removing all the air in each packing bag. That’s what you want to do with the sale. Leave no space for the sale to be made later instead of now. Encapsulate that sale. 

“We’ll start today” is still vague. It doesn’t sound urgent. There is a lot of time in today! 

There’s nothing that sounds like “right now” except actually saying “RIGHT NOW.” 

I want you to shift to saying that. Instead of saying “today,” say “right now.” “We can start right now. You’ve waited so long for your green card. Why wait any longer? You deserve this. You’ve done everything right. You’ve been here for 20 years. You’ve paid your taxes. You’ve kept a clean record.” 

Even if they have DUIs, that’s what I say and that’s what they say. I won’t say they’re wrong, remember? 

It doesn’t matter in what area of law you practice. You can make this work for you. 

A recap of asking for the sale

Stop over explaining. Keep your consultations client-centric but lawyer-led. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of over-explaining. 

Prepare to address objections. Make a list and read between the lines for the fears that fuel those objections. Then address those fears. That’s being client-centric. 

Finally, ask for the sale, and don’t place any barriers between you and the sale.

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