Email is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience right now. So many people are at home and they’re all online. They check their Facebook accounts and they check their emails. Are you on both? 

In this blog, we’ll talk about growing your email list– this is your list of subscribers, the list of provided emails you have from clients and prospects. 

If you don’t have an email list yet, you can start one. Just load your contacts to Mailchimp or any other email platform and that’s it! You can start sending emails to your people immediately. 

Maintaining and utilizing your email list means keeping your audience engaged so that– while you don’t take unsubscribes seriously– you also actively prevent them, by making sure you’re providing the right content for the right audience. 

How to start or grow an email list

If you already have an email list, how many contacts are on it? You will still want to grow that audience to expand your reach. But don’t be obsessed about the numbers. A smaller circle is far better than a large following that provides little to no engagement. Those who engage you on your posts and through your emails are more likely to actively seek your products and services.

Create a customer avatar or persona

This is critical because it is a representation of the person you will want to email. That person is your ideal client–they’re the ones who would definitely buy your courses or services. 

Think of your ideal client or customer. Write down all the things with which they could need assistance: what could be their pain points, what are their challenges? What keeps them up at night, and how can you solve these problems? 

Identify that person. Get to know that person. That’s how you learn what content to include in your emails and social media posts that will really bring value to your audience. 

There are tons of tactics and techniques out there to collect emails. Once you have your persona, you can start with something as simple as collecting emails through your followers on Facebook, and through the following: 

Place an email collection on your website. 

Be effective with your social media posts, promote your website. If you post helpful, informative content on your social media and your website, people will want more. Make sure they can sign up for your newsletter or the “exclusive” blog content you only share via email. 

You can also have free offerings, called lead magnets. (They magnetize leads, get it?)  

Collect emails through a free valuable item

Lead magnets are valuable free stuff. In exchange for their email address, offer people a free PDF guide or handbook. It has to be something really valuable to your target persona so that giving you their email address doesn’t feel like an exchange at all. They should think, “ Wow! It’s really free, and I only have to give them my email so they can send it to me!”

You can have a dedicated landing page for this offer– it doesn’t have to display anything but the freebie and the email collection.  

Continue with a value-based email sequence

Once you’ve added a recipient to your list, get them into an email sequence that can gently and naturally nudge them toward something you want, by giving them something they need. 

For example, you send them tips and advice they can really use for their pain points, and this leads them to buy your book, enrolling in your course, or hiring you. 

Send weekly content

You have to constantly show up to your audience. Lately, in my firm we’ve been sending so many emails. Send something valuable at least once a week. If you can send more, do it. You want to be top of mind to your prospects. 

All three of these techniques are all about delivering value. If you always deliver value, your recipients would not only eventually hire you but could forward your emails to their family and friends. You keep your clients abreast of things and they’ll see you’re working– so they refer you to their friends, colleagues, or family who might need a lawyer. 

Always build your list

Use valuable content to keep building your list. You can’t keep sending emails to the same 300 people. You need to bring in more. 

However many people are on your list, eventually, they’ll either hire you/enroll in your course or decide your emails don’t work for them, so you need to continuously add fresh blood into that email ecosystem so you always have prospects.  

Keeping your list: Content and engagement

Content is a good way to get a feel of the effectiveness of your emails. Are people engaging? Are people interested in what you have to say? 

It’s possible and it does happen that the people on your list might not belong to your ideal target market. They might not match your persona. This is why you need to create a persona first. 

If not, your messaging falls on deaf ears because they don’t need what you offer. 

Be consistent with sending out your emails so that your ideal target audience actually gets your content every week and would remember you and your services. 

Do a content check. Click every single link to make sure nothing goes to a dead page. That’s a waste of email if a prospect clicks on your links and only gets nowhere. 

Test everything before you send it. Content leads to engagement and eventually, to the results and conversions you want, so make sure you’re sending good content. 

More on checking and testing your emails in the next blog.