The entire series of blogs for April was about leading your law firm past the COVID-19 crisis. This will pass. And as I’ve said before, your clients will continue to need you during this time. You can continue working. You can continue making money. 

But again, don’t look at the results. This is the time when results should be a bonus, not a goal. Your goal is to stay active and to make your law firm more visible than ever before. 

That is the key to helping your law firm survive this crisis. 

Do the right kind of marketing 

As a recap, we’ve discussed posting three times a day on social media, going on Facebook Live, making videos, and emailing your contact list. 

Your clients and potential clients are all looking at you, more so because there’s not much to do right now. Many people are working from home at reduced hours because some job roles still require face-to-face interactions that just can’t be facilitated right now. 

So people are checking their emails, checking their Facebook. They should see you there. 

When you show up in these spaces with relevant, valuable information, you succeed in being there for your clients and prospects. They will start to look you up. All your videos and social media posts should contain your phone number. And because you’re more visible, be ready with your chatbot. Set it up to help your leads become your clients. Answer their questions and guide them to their first consultation with you. 

Don’t think that this is being pushy and “salesy.” Your lawyer brain might think you’re marketing too much — you’re not. The people you serve need your message. You need marketing to run a successful business, and you need business success to be able to help the people you serve.  

Take the help you need: SBA Loans and The CARES Act

Another thing to consider: take the help that you need. There’s the Small Business Association (SBA) disaster loan and The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This is the time to take what you need. I love TheCARES Act because it is a risk-free forgivable loan. 

That’s money from the government to keep your doors open, and it can help you pay your employees. It helps you and your people. Take it so you can get through this critical time when work is not really flowing as much.

However, if you do take the steps in doing the right kind of marketing, hopefully you are still having, and will continue to have, a steady flow of business.

According to my financial advisor, Angela Moore, these loans are like a line of credit.

While you can have it it doesn’t mean you’re going to use it. You can just have it there in your back pocket in case you need it. It’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and actually do need it. What would be even worse is if you end up closing your doors because you run into financial distress but you hadn’t applied. 

So speak with a trusted financial advisor. Make the decision that’s right for you. But this is not a time to be prideful. It’s a time to take the help that you need because again, you need to be able to serve people. 

The people that you serve need your message. And they need it more than ever. So it is really, really important that you get out there and continue serving as a lawyer. So don’t be dismayed at having to ask for help. Everybody needs a little bit of help right now and every little bit can be the piece you need to help keep you afloat. 

So take advantage of what’s available to you. 

Keep showing up

People keep telling me, “Ally, you make it look so easy.” No, it’s not easy. I just keep showing up. Every day that I fall down, I get back up. I keep using this bike riding analogy, but I think that it’s really the perfect comparison. When you ride a bike, you may fall down. That doesn’t stop you from getting back on the bike and riding on. 

That’s what owning a business is like. You fall down but you get back up. As we’re all trying to navigate this time of crisis, we’re all going to be falling down and skinning our knees.

We need to lean on each other 

Lean on me. I would love to be a resource for you. I will be your cheerleader, and I’m on the rollercoaster, too. You know it’s a rollercoaster. 

Some days your confidence and go-getter attitude are off the charts. And then the next day or even the next hour, you may spiral into self-doubt and anxiety. 

It’s the same for everyone — everyone. 

So if you need support, I’m holding space for you. We should all hold space for each other. We’re in this together. Nobody is better off than anyone else and no one’s worse off than anyone else. We’re all in the same place, trying to navigate this crisis. 

If you feel like you can’t keep going, you let me know because we’re going to keep going together. 

Get out there, get marketing, talk to your people. They need you. You do life changing work. You change the world with your work and the world needs you. So don’t let anything stop you, especially not now.

It’s not an easy time, but let’s face it, running a business is never easy.