Your law firm is your business. You have to keep your business going, and to do so you need to make conversions. Even if your law firm can’t take in as many clients as you want because of the precautions in place against the spread of COVID-19, what are your other means of guaranteeing conversions? What are your other sources of income? How can you continue serving your clients, and thus generating revenue?   

Shift your mindset. Take action.

We’re currently in a challenging time, yes, but it has always been. We can’t let worry and fear and being blase about the lack of clients because of the current events hold us back. 

To succeed, you have to think outside the box. You have to be aggressive and take massive action utilizing tools and tactics you’ve never used before. 

Massive action isn’t one collective action. Instead, it is a series of small, consistent, ongoing actions, and you are going to need to take LOTS of them. 

You will also have to try things that make you uncomfortable. You have to work ON your business more than you work IN your business. You have to be the CEO!

Don’t obsess over the threats of COVID-19. Instead, see the opportunities. Also, don’t worry about the size of your audience. Don’t think your efforts will be wasted because you only have a tiny (or no) audience to begin with.

Number one: It doesn’t matter. What matters is your content. Number two: With content and consistency, you can grow your audience and your business. 

Are you marketing? Go market! 

Sitting back and waiting for referrals is not the way to get business. 

Here’s the way that you can create more business now: be EVERYWHERE. I’ve said this in the previous blogs, but it bears repeating– be everywhere. Blow up social media and their email. 

So many lawyers tell me they’re afraid of over-posting. I’m here to tell you there’s no reason to be. Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithms ensure that some of your content will be hidden. It’s common sense: people want their timelines to show their friends and family, not a barrage of posts from the pages they follow. 

So over-posting is no longer possible. Only a small percentage of what you post actually makes it to your audience’s feeds. 

So what you should be afraid of is being invisible. And that’s what happens if you don’t post enough if you’re not aggressive enough on social media.  

Let me give you an example of my Facebook and Instagram accounts @allylozanoesq:

  • I post there three times a day.
  • I post a video every single day.
  • I post quotes one or two times a day. 
  • Sometimes I post an additional post with a longer video. EVERY DAY. 

And I bet none of you can complain that I’m flooding your feeds! You probably aren’t even getting my daily video in your feed. 

So post more and be visible! Because THIS IS THE MAIN WAY TO GET NEW BUSINESS.

If you have little or no business, it means that you are not adequately marketing.

Marketing is exactly what I am describing here: talking to and with your audience through Facebook and Instagram Live, IG TV, YouTube, videos, memes, text posts, email blasts, and more. 

Be consistent. 

You need to be visible and you need to do so every day. I mean literally every day, Monday to Sunday. You must be there on your social media and in your email list’s inboxes. 

You can check out the previous post for my survival plan on consistency. One tactic is that you’re going to go live on Facebook every day for 30 days. This trains you to be consistent in creating content and posting every day. 

Why should you post every day? Here’s the answer: If you have a tiny audience of 100 people,  nurture them with your marketing messages. You provide them with valuable content over and over again. You show up for them every day. You deliver and deliver some more. 

You give them information that they can use for their personal or professional lives. You connect with them deeply through your emails. 

When they are finally ready to get started, they’ll pick up the phone and call YOU. No one else. 

If 10 out of 100 people connect with you and become clients, and your average case earns you $5,000, then that’s $50,000 from just showing up, and from simply delivering content that doesn’t take that long to create! 

I have a little over 12,000 followers on my firm’s Facebook page. For people who are just starting with Facebook that may sound like a lot, but I have been managing this page for six years.  so compared to other influencers and people who have been online for far longer, that’s a really low number. 

But guess what? I personally know lawyers who have over 100,000 followers but don’t earn half, literally half, of what I earn. 

This is because a large number of followers is not enough. People deciding to take action is what counts! I have been doing 200 consultations a month. That is only 1% of my audience. Of those 200 consultations, only about 25-30% convert into clients. And yet, I am earning well into 6-figures each month. 

So don’t let the numbers fool you or bring you down. Do you see how small my conversions are compared to the size of my audience? Yet I still earn an incredible living while changing lives. 

Empower your team. 

Set up templates for all of your office processes to make it easier to run your day-to-day operations. 

You need to make it easy for people to do their jobs. That is how you boost productivity!

  • Make templates for your firm. Create templates for replies and forms your employees can use to quickly respond to leads. 
  • Make a training manual so that you aren’t always reinventing the wheel with each new hire. 
  • Record the different processes you perform in your office. For example, how to do a declaration, how to create an e-file, how to organize a hard file, and so on. These are used repeatedly in training your staff. 

Whether you have an international virtual team or a local work from home (WFH) team, you need to pivot at this time to make sure your team can respond to the leads who come in. 

  • Create a checklist of the steps required to open a new case
  • Create a checklist of the steps required to handle a new client sign up
  • Pick your three main case types — create a template legal argument for each case 
  • Create a template cover letter for each case type
  • Create a template index of documents that you need for each case type

We have a full training manual and it’s getting longer and more convoluted. So I decided that I wanted to take the key actions that are performed in my office and make them into checklists. 

How long do you think it took me to create each checklist? 3 minutes or less. YES! Time is not an excuse.

I pulled out my phone, opened the Notes function, and typed up the steps. 

I sent it over to my virtual assistant and asked her to make it into a Word document and then email it to the key players relevant to each task. I had her include a step indicating where to find the attachment on the server. 


So you should be able to create the two checklists mentioned above in under 10 minutes.

Creating the templates for the legal arguments shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes each, and that’s being generous. 

I have sat down and created templates with people — I work with attorneys from all different areas of practice– of course immigration, but also business immigration, family law, social security disability, criminal defense, intellectual property, and more. It has never taken us more than 30 minutes to create a template. 

There is NO EXCUSE for not getting this done. Especially now that you have the TIME. 

There is no fast track to success. All of the tips and techniques I have shared means you’ll be prepared to go at it 100%. And you still won’t see immediate results. You might, you might not. But you will keep going. 

If you can believe it, I have even more knowledge to share on this topic! If you’d like to learn more about how to make conversions during COVID-19, sign up for my Six Figure Solo program!  Six Figure Solo now comes in three tiers – Executive, Solopreneur, and CEO. Sign up here!