It’s typical for a business to think of ways on how to earn from their customers, one of which is through upselling. It’s a traditional sales technique where you convince your client to purchase another or a more expensive product.

Upselling can be challenging for us lawyers. We quote and deliver the service our clients need, and that’s it. In most cases, once the client’s case is over, they won’t need much more from us.

But there’s a way to sell more of your services to your clients. All you need to do is get creative and create additional value for your clients.

How to Upsell Your Firm’s Services

The key to upselling is to think creatively. Make light of your client’s situation, branch out their case and see what more you can solve for them.

Think about those services you’re often asked to do – Do you arrange this? Do you assist on filing that? Then, determine which of these you could do, or even which you could learn to do.

Here’s an example. You’re a trademark and copyright attorney, and a client hires you to assist with some basics of incorporating their company. You could offer to arrange the formal business corporation for him or her so that the client won’t have to worry about the remaining process.

You can also brainstorm with the client and see which of his or her projects you could assist with regarding trademarks, or which ideas you could assist with copyright application.

Typically, these services are not in the scope of my legal work. It’s not something that clients ask for every time. I only “upsell” these services whenever I see it fits with a client’s case. Because it’s something that would make things more convenient for the clients, they never hesitate to afford my additional service. I’ve gained more revenue and a stronger trust!

These are just a few ideas. You’re the expert in your field, so it would be easy for you to come up with additional products/services. You can even create digital products like webinars, which you could sell to people looking for more information on, say, the divorce filing process.

Upselling your services isn’t a slimy job.

Think about it. There might be other services you offer that could prove useful to your client’s case/other problems. A client who hired you for assistance in filing a divorce might need help on updating their wills. You could offer to update his/her will after the divorce is settled.

Upselling also gives you the chance to build a more positive experience for your client. You’re convincing the client of the benefits of that service and how it relates to the current situation and future of his or her case. If the client feels like they will win the case, they are more likely to trust you and afford your service! Satisfied clients mean client retention!

Creativity and Confidence is Key to Upselling

The most challenging part is figuring out what your upsell would be. But once you’ve determined what to offer, you must pitch your product/service with confidence. After all, client objections are real! They might think, “Why should I pay you again? Shouldn’t that offer be included already in our previous transaction?” Always proclaim the additional value you’ll provide with confidence!

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