All you really need to get started with video are good lighting, a steady camera, and a mic. Everything else are just details. Your message is what matters. 

You can get natural light easily by shooting your video near a window at the right time of day. And of course, most phones these days have really high quality cameras. We’ll talk about techniques for phone stands in this blog post. 

Most importantly, you want to be heard, so you need to use a good mic, although you may not need one either if you’re in a quiet environment and you speak clearly. 

All of Jean’s equipment for video had a total below $50. That’s awesome for something with a big ROI. 

A beginner’s setup for creating your video

  1. Audio – Your audio is extremely important. Lighting and clear video are important, too, but they come second to audio because people need to hear you.

If there’s a lot of background noise, your message will be really jumbled and hard to understand. 

If you do your video in a quiet room, in a residential area with only occasional cars passing by, you might not need a mic. 

What you can use: 

  • Your laptop or phone mic
  • A lavalier mic: It just hooks up to your shirt and that you can use that with your phone so that way you can remove some of the background noise and really speak clearly into your phone or into your microphone

  1. Video – Jean used a pint glass to hold her phone when she shot her first videos. Use what you have! Like Jean, you can get a tripod later on, which can hold your phone and help with a very steady presentation. Set up the tripod on your desk, a table or a shelf and you’re ready to go. 

If your tripod doubles as a ring light stand, even better!

What to use: 

  • Your phone or a DSLR camera
  • A tripod 
  • A light source: a lamp, a ring light

  1. Background – Try to have nothing behind you. Either have a design set or just have a neutral wall with very little on it to distract your viewers. 

Natural backgrounds can vary, like an office wall, bookshelves, or even a kitchen. It depends on how you want to present yourself. I like a totally plain background, something very minimalist. 

  1. You – Your message. Not what you look like. All I do is straighten my hair and put on really red lipstick. That helps. You look better on video when you have visible lip color. And that’s it, really. What matters is your message. 

Perfectionism has no place in creating your videos

At the end of the day, done is better than good. People don’t see any errors in your video. Having the perfect setup or shoot is not as important as getting your content out there. 

If you have 15 minutes between consultations, you can actually shoot 15 videos if you did 15 60-second videos. You do have the time to do it if you just do it. 

Someone said to me, when you shoot videos, you should have different clothes on in each video. I said, I don’t have time for that! I can simply do as many videos as I can in the time I have, instead of worrying about these details that don’t matter. It’s not that big of a deal. Shoot whenever and wherever you can. 

A lot of times, we compare ourselves to experts and gurus who get their videos professionally done. I’ve had that done, too, but it’s not possible to do that on a regular basis. If you want your message out there, it’s a matter of doing it instead of thinking about how good you want it to look. 

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