We are all familiar with marketing on Facebook using posts for organic reach and paid ads. Now, let’s talk about the amazing opportunities on FB Messenger.

In this series of blog posts, we get tips and techniques from my marketing director, Jean Ginzburg. She’ll tell us how you can leverage FB Messenger to boost your marketing and sales. 

When we think of using FB Messenger, we usually think it’s like email — pushing messages to our list. That’s only half-right. What are the other opportunities in FB Messenger you should definitely grab? 

My experience with ManyChat and FB Messenger

As mentioned in previous blogs, ManyChat is a chat marketing tool you can use to send messages to your contacts on FB Messenger. 

When I used FB messenger chatbot messaging, I had incredible results of over $300,000 in a month. I was using ManyChat, but I wasn’t running any other ads. The two things I did were: 

  1. Have as many chatbots running as I could 
  2. Use video testimonials: When my clients were at their happiest — like they just got their green card, we ask them to do a video. 

My team and I would post the videos on FB, I would boost them a little, then I get messages from all my ideal clients, and my chatbots were there to get them started on my welcome sequence.

This combination really boosted the results. It went beyond anything I could have ever imagined for myself. And I think a lot of it has to do with these. 

My messages via FB Messenger gave constant delivery, continuously reminding them, “Hey, this is the lawyer, is there something we can do? Hey, I want to talk to you. This is me talking directly to you on your Facebook.”

The convenience and the constant delivery get your clients in the door. 

Paid messages and broadcasts

Messages and broadcasts are a big opportunity on Messenger. As I said, staying visible to your audience helps them remember you, and they move along the sales funnel to decide on hiring you or booking a consult. 

With paid messages, you are allowed to create more promotions because you’re paying for that. 

For example, you can tell your contacts that you have a Black Friday or New Year discount. That’s promotional. 

But for broadcast, they’re restricted to non-promotional content. Messenger doesn’t want you to spam your contacts. But, you don’t need to be promotional if you’re able to be helpful.

You can create broadcasts for everybody in your contacts, everyone who has messaged you or interacted with you on Messenger. These broadcasts should be educational — answer questions customers often ask, or share stories about your experiences, clients, and things you’ve learned. 

You can use Messenger, SMS, email, or other channels. I just use Messenger. It’s on Facebook, and it’s convenient! The tags and buttons on Messenger also make it really easy for my contacts to interact with the message to reply to me, to call me, or visit a website page I share. 

The welcome sequence

The welcome sequence gets people in the door. In my case, since my clients are usually not good with email, I want them to pick up the phone, and that’s what my welcome sequence aims to do. 

So, when someone sends me a question on FB Messenger, my chatbots are set with specific keywords so they can answer that question within my welcome sequence. 

I have a welcome video on the first day. Then I have two days of just teaching content, such as information about a certain type of case. This approach kills two birds with one stone: I help the client, and I look good as the lawyer they want to work on their case because I show them I know what I’m saying. 

So, what I decided to do was pick two of my main case types and talk about them. 

You can do that, too. Remember, it’s a sequence — send a series of messages. Even if they haven’t given you any information about their needs yet, your chatbot automation can take any keywords they do mention and roll out the right sequence. 

For example, I discuss getting papers without leaving the US, getting papers for your children, and then taking the next best step: a consultation. 

Then you also have another video about your consultation, and what clients get from it, and how much it costs, how to book it, etc. 

You can see how this sequence leads them to finally making a phone call! 

FB Messenger has just as many marketing opportunities as any other channel, if not more! People are always on their Facebook. They know how Messenger works. Engage with them there. 

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