Happy 2020! For January, I’ll be blogging about the ways you can jumpstart your success. New Year’s resolutions are everywhere because they work. It’s a new year. You’re energized. You’re inspired. You’re going to make this your best year yet. 

I have so many resolutions myself. I’m excited and doing a total overhaul. I’ve already re-read the Four-Hour Work Week, which is something that inspired me a really long time ago. On reading it again, I’ve resolved to put it in a modern context of everything I’ve known and learned. So, I’m going to make some momentous changes to my firm. 

I’ll get them done first before I share them with you. In the meantime, I’ll share some New Year’s resolutions to help grow your firm. 

In this blog, we’ll focus on specific actions you can take towards your marketing. I won’t talk about this or that campaign, or using this or that platform. No, I’ll be pointing out the basic things you need to sort out if you haven’t yet! 


You can’t do it all. You cannot do it all. This is the biggest lesson that I’ve learned over the years. You know, they say Apple would never have been Apple if it stayed in the garage. In order to grow, to do more, serve more, and enjoy more of your own life, you have to delegate.

If you’re still trying to DIY everything, including marketing, stop. 

You have to stop because you’re not helping your clients by trying to do it all. 

You’re serving your clients less, and you’re able to serve fewer people when you insist on doing things other people can (and should) do for you. 

Stop that. Maximize your days. In every single hour, every single minute that you’re in the firm, you should be doing something that only you can do because of your expertise. 

Delegate the rest. 

In my firm, I’m at the point where we have brought in a new virtual assistant and I haven’t even trained her. I don’t even really talk to her. Everyone oversees everyone else. 

And I know what you’re thinking: what if something gets messed up? 

It does happen. And it will happen even if you’re the one running everything. Except, in that case, you’re also worn out and the mess might happen because you missed something because you were trying to handle everything. 

Before I had a business manager, I used to forget to pay my employees! 

You can’t hold it all. You can’t do it all. Delegate as much as you can. 

In the Law Firm Makeover course, some people said someone they hired messed up. They tried to delegate something, but said the contract attorney didn’t work out because they “didn’t work how I like, so I won’t do it again.”

That’s absolutely ridiculous. 

My mantra for centering myself is, “You have to fail.” 

Everything has growing pains as you figure it out. I’ve accepted it as a part of growth. 

You’re going to encounter mistakes as you delegate. Do you stop hiring for positions just because you hired someone sub-par? No. So don’t let someone’s incompetence stop you from delegating. It’s an essential part of success. 

Assign office tasks and business management. Share your marketing. (More on positions you should hire in the next blogs!) 

Create videos

I say this all the time! Make videos! Let clients hear your voice. Let them see your personality. Let them interact with you. Make yourself stand out. 

People want to hear from you.

Clients are looking for great information. The first thing everyone who has a problem–medical, legal, or another type of issue–  does is Google it and try to inform themselves as much as possible. 

That’s the opportunity to make yourself stand out by providing results, client case studies, and information. So, make your videos. 

No excuses. I don’t care how you sound on camera. I don’t care how you look on camera. Make videos. If you have to throw your hair in a bun in your workout clothes to make your videos, then do it. 

Rachel Hollis is this inspirational speaker. She does a Facebook Live at 8:00 AM, and she’s fresh from the gym. She doesn’t even have her makeup on sometimes, but there she is talking to people, because her message is what matters. 

YOUR message is what matters. Get out there, do your video. That’s the only thing that lets you off the hook. Not looking unpresentable, not having no idea how to talk. 

You can learn! And you’ve probably seen some of my videos where I’m all sweaty with no makeup. And you didn’t watch those videos and think, “Wow, that looks like crap, I’m not going to listen to what she has to say.” 

Instead, you listened to what I said and kept watching to learn more about what I hooked you with each time. It’s the same for your audience. All they want to know is the information you have to share. Create those videos. Get over yourself this 2020. 

Communicate about the case types you want

This is a mindblower. It’s something that I cannot believe I didn’t figure out before. 

I know the case type I wanted– and everyone who knows me knows the case type that I love. 

But I realized that when I was doing my Facebook Lives, I was letting people ask me questions and, I would go down the rabbit hole of whatever they were asking me. 

I decided to try a new tactic. First, instead of letting them drive the discussion, I chose to lead every single Facebook Live event by talking about the case type that I wanted. Second, I decided that whenever someone asks me a question, any question, I would lead it back to the case type I want.

I would give them a few bites about what they were asking about and then turn it all back around to me and what I wanted to talk about. 

This simple change led to an explosive growth in my firm.  We jump from roughly $150,000 a month to passing $300,000 a month. We added an additional $100,000 in the first month alone–getting us to $250,000–just by communicating exactly what cases I wanted to take.

I got tons of people coming in just to me just to talk about that one thing. For you, it doesn’t have to be one case type–it can be three! 

I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh no, what if people don’t come to me for anything because I’m only talking about this case type?” 

No. When you’re out there talking about that case type, you’re going to make yourself an expert at it. And because you love this case type, your passion and enthusiasm will also show through. 

Your prospects will see that and love that. 

People are still going to come to you for other things. I still get hired for other things all the time, but I wanted to be known for a specific case type. And it happened! I became known for that case type. 

It gave people hope because I come across as the lawyer who can do something that maybe other lawyers can’t. 

It’s really, really incredible. Talking about your preferred case type will have significant, impressive results for your business. 

It reinforces the idea that you can never hear a message too many times. We live in a world oversaturated with marketing. You’re going to take action or work someone the first time you hear them speak. It takes more to convince you.

So, you need to take action to create those videos and talk about your case type all the time–in writing, pictures, videos–every single thing should talk about the case type you want. 

Engage in social media

You have to be out there talking to people. Think of it as a level up from producing videos: You should engage. Get your page up and set up a chatbot and ManyChat on Messenger so you can respond to people who talk to you. 

If you think you don’t need social media, you’re holding yourself back. Everything in the above is done effectively on social media. 

Lawyers often tell me, “I’ve been stuck at the same earning for so many years, and I can’t get past it.” 

Well, what marketing are you doing? 

Relying solely on referrals is lazy–you’re depending on a client to bring business to you. 

Marketing on social media makes you accessible to people who remember your face, your name, your area of expertise. They need to be able to find you fast. If you make that possible, that’s marketing. 

People need to know where they can find you. Start the conversation with people online and tell. Potential clients want to engage with you. They want to find you, talk to you, and get help. That can happen on Facebook or social media, but it’s a long game.  It takes time, but it pays off too.

People are going to try to get information from you for free, and you have to have things in place to make sure that you’re not wasting all your time. Try giving free information–and that’s what you can post on social media and in your chatbots! 

If you can believe it, I have even more knowledge to share on this topic! If you’d like to learn more about marketing for your law firm, sign up for my Six-Figure Solo program!  Six-Figure Solo now comes in three tiers – Executive, Solopreneur, and CEO. Sign up here!