New year, new changes. My blog posts for January will focus on New Year’s resolutions that you can make for your firm. And if you act on all of them, you’ll see growth and improvement. Every resolution and suggestion is  from my own experience, so you can take my word on it! 

In this blog, I’ll talk about what you can automate or delegate to free up time for you and your staff. There is no reason on this planet you should do all these things yourself. There are so many resources out there. 

You have more important things to do, like serve people with your legal work. Change lives through the work that you do. And change your life too by trying innovative business tools and delegating. These help you serve more people, have a better, more profitable firm, and enable you to enjoy your life more.

Stop doing your bookkeeping

Stop doing your bookkeeping. Get Bench immediately. Get your trust account in order. Now, this is another one: Do not do these things for yourself. 

Delegate these to experts and specialists or place them in the hands of trusted platforms like Bench. You need to have your money team, and if you have a trust account, then you need to get your trust in order. 

Trust Books is essentially Bench for your trust account. Many people I know also use Bench for their firm trust books for their trust accounting. This is such a huge combination. Get it.

Go to and you can see I’m a partner with them. Sign up using that link. This isn’t to promote Trust Books — I truly believe in Trust Books and Bench. 

I want you to make your life easier. These platforms do precisely that. 

Hire a virtual assistant

You know, you can go through Indeed, Upwork or a virtual assistant agency to get help. I also have expat groups that I post in for people to hire a virtual assistant (VA).

There are so many reasons to hire a virtual assistant, and there are so many things that they can do for you. Amy, my virtual assistant, created my entire e-file organization.

She writes my declarations. Just today, she was dealing with something with the IRS. She had to call the IRS for me and then also call Gusto, my payroll. She’s handled that and a dozen different things for me just today! 

Another virtual assistant called a clothing company for me to figure out how to return something for me. These are just a few examples of what a virtual assistant can do for you. 

Having a VA is another great way to delegate because you have someone to delegate to, freeing up your day because you now know small errands and essential tasks will be done right.. 

I know it feels a little bit scary, but it’s also amazing. I’m just starting with Upwork. What’s really cool is everything goes through their platform. Upwork automatically takes screenshots of what the person’s working on and at what exact time.

That way, whenever you want, you can log into your Upwork account and see every single thing the person you hired has done for you during his/her billed work hours. 

It’s so dang cool, and it gives a lot of accountability. That takes care of the fear that the person you hire isn’t really working. Check it out. The hiring process can be quicker there, too, because you can delegate candidate screening to your virtual assistant! 

Answer every phone call: hire an assistant or a virtual receptionist

You’ll see or hear me say this to the day I die: Answer every phone call and return every call you miss. 

I don’t care if they didn’t leave a voice message. I used to say this myself, and I know a lot of lawyers think this: “Oh, if someone really wants to talk to me, they’re going to leave a voicemail. And if they don’t, then too bad because I hate running the phones.” 

I don’t run the phones. And neither should you. 

Hire a phone service, VA, office receptionist,  whoever you need to do to make sure that every single phone call is answered.

Smith.AI, a virtual receptionist service, gave us a ton of information when they did a Six Figure Solo takeover. I loved having them on and people enjoy working with them. So that’s a service you can try. 

Why do I say this?

Every call not answered, every call not returned, is money that just walked away from your firm. You want that money to come in, you want to serve people, and you want to get great results. You love what you do, even if you hate the business side, especially answering phones. 

So get it done anyway. 

Hire a person or a service and delegate it so that you can do more of what you love! A new client can start through a phone call, so answer and return every phone call. 

Hire a business manager or use iQualify

Most lawyers are bad with getting money into their firm and their caseload leaves little time for it anyway. Hire someone. Put a business manager in charge of it. Protect the business you love.

What does a business manager do? Everything on the side of business!  They especially take care of time-consuming tasks like billing clients, collecting payments, managing payroll, and paying your office bills.

My husband is my business manager. On the first and fifteenth of every month, he spends six hours just doing payments. It’s so crazy, and a lot of them are on automatic payments! Those two days are really, really busy for him. It’s all he has time to do. 

If YOU attempt to do this, you’re not going to get it done because you have too many other things to do. So, hire and delegate.

If you can’t hire a business manager, use iQualify. They can give loans to your clients to help them pay for their legal services, and then payments are made automatically to you. If your client doesn’t qualify for a loan or doesn’t want a loan, you can still use iQualify to manage the collection of your monthly payments. 

Go to to get discounts! 

Of course they have fees,  but it’s absolutely worth it. You’re going to get paid what you need to be paid without having to chase someone for weeks! You do great work so you should be paid for it! 

You’re not a pro bono lawyer, and you can’t go broke either. You’re a for-profit business. All the above positions and platforms can make sure you’re running a business instead of wasting time and losing money because you refuse to delegate. 

If you can believe it, I have even more knowledge to share on this topic! If you’d like to learn more about managing your law firm, sign up for my Six-Figure Solo program!  Six-Figure Solo now comes in three tiers – Executive, Solopreneur, and CEO. Sign up here!