When marketing your services, I’m sure the first question that pops into your mind is “where should I market?” But that is starting off on the wrong foot. Marketing is not necessarily about the methods of marketing your firm itself. Rather, it starts with asking, “To whom should I market? Who do I want to serve in my practice?”.

Determining your “Ideal Client” should come first. You need to identify which clients you want to bring in to your firm before you spend any money from your marketing budget.

An Ideal Client is more than just a target market. It can be a particular person or group of people, or a specific case type – anyone or anything that will allow you to intimately understand the best client for you and your services. To make your marketing effective, you have to figure out who that Ideal Client is.

On Building Your Ideal Client Profile

Here are a few questions to think about when identifying your Ideal Client:

  • If you could do one case every day for the rest of your career, what would it be?
  • Why do you like that case type so much?
  • What case type do you dislike?  
  • What clients do you dislike?  
  • What do your current clients have in common? For example:
    • Race/ethnicity
    • Marital status
    • Number of children
    • Education level
    • Legal needs
    • Income level
    • Interests  
  • Who are your favorite clients and why do you enjoy working with them so much?

Write down your answers. List as many details as you can. Then, you can write a summary describing your ideal client.

Even if you’ve done this before, you should ideally do it again every year. We are constantly changing and evolving. If you’re not enjoying the type of cases you’re getting, make changes to your Ideal Client profile. Or perhaps you want to the target a new type of client, in which case you should build a new ideal client profile for that client.

Why Identify Your Ideal Client?

  • You maximize your marketing budget and obtain the right clients. Marketing takes time and money, both of which are precious resources. Having a specific target client to market can help you identify which marketing strategies would work best instead of just using a general method for general targets.
  • Better communication between you and your clients. You deliver the right information, you advertise the right services to the right people that need your help, and you engage with the right clients.
  • You control how your firm will turn out. You shape your firm based on your preferences by working on the cases and clients you enjoy. You enjoy your practice more!
  • You obtain quality leads. Prospects you find are most likely to turn into consultations or convert into a case.

Identifying your Ideal Client is not just about marketing. It’s about enjoying your practice, too.

An Ideal Client is not just simply “anyone who can pay.” Some can help you pay the bills, but are you enjoying working on those cases? Because although your earnings are important, your satisfaction with your work should be your priority. And if you love what you’re doing, the business part of running your firm won’t even feel like work anymore.   

To help you get started, download my Ideal Client Profile template here. Fill it out with as many details as you can. If you have more than one ideal client, create a profile for each!

If you can believe it, I have even more knowledge to share on this topic! If you’d like to learn more about identifying your ideal client, sign up for my Six Figure Solo program!  Six Figure Solo now comes in three tiers – Executive, Solopreneur, and CEO. Sign up here!