In this series on Advanced Marketing, you’ll be in good hands with my marketing manager, Jean Ginzburg. We’ll talk about sales funnels and the content you can use in them to nudge your audience toward signing up with your firm: books and webinars. 

When we say, “sales funnel,” many lawyers would say, “Oh, I don’t have one.” But you probably already do! All firms do. You’re aware of the customer life cycle. First, they discover you through an ad or a referral. They don’t know much about you so you give them a packet, or, depending on the referral or a promo you did, you might give them a short consultation. 

This goes on for some time, you keep giving them your time and content until they sign up with you. Then it’s their turn to refer you to someone else, and the cycle repeats!

That’s your sales funnel, which is composed of your efforts to turn leads into clients. 

This is advanced marketing, and we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to simplify and streamline your sales funnels for you. 

Tools For Advanced Marketing: Sales Funnels

Every part of your marketing is a tool for your sales funnels!

Facebook Live/Youtube

Videos you post online can be the start of your intake, also known as the top of the funnel. Ally has mentioned this in her courses and ebooks: instead of free consultations, post videos. These videos are free content that has immense value. It will get you leads without taking up too much of your time, as opposed to wasting a day for a marathon of free consultations where 90% don’t even show up. 

MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, Drip

Landing page/product page builders

Yes, these platforms will send out your emails, but they also have landing page builders. 

A landing page, or product page, is where you send your leads for focused information.

For example, you have a Facebook Live video where you discuss divorce. The leads you get here need a landing page focused on divorce, not your website homepage where they have to navigate through your other services. You’ll lose them if the information they’re looking for isn’t instantly accessible.

A product page or landing page, as part of your sales funnel, should nudge them into scheduling a consultation. 

The product or landing page can contain information such as, “Why you need a divorce attorney” or “Why you need an estate attorney.” As well as a call to action like, “There’s so much to this! Let me guide you through the process. The best next step is to schedule a consultation with me!”

That’s the sole purpose of the landing page: a sign-up. 

Your landing page or product page can have a checkout section for booking a paid consultation straight off, or it can ask for their phone number or email if they want more information.

Email blasts

MailChimp is a great platform, it’s pretty robust. They’ve done a lot of upgrades to it lately, adding a lot more functionalities you can take advantage of. I’ve also used Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, and Drip, and they’re all really good platforms. 


Outsourcing is a tool. You can hire people to help you create your sales funnels, as a whole or just for certain parts. For example, if you don’t have the time to learn how to use MailChimp, hire someone! They can guide you and set it all up for you. Or if you don’t have the time to write but you have videos and webinars, hire a writer who can take your content and repurpose it into blogs and ebooks! 

That’s why someone like Jean can absolutely help with doing these things if you don’t have time to do it yourself, this is also one of the ways that you can create some content and then hand it off to be reused and repurposed.

Your content and sales funnel work together 

If you create one ebook or one webinar, you get to keep repurposing it to bring in more leads. One webinar already contains a lot of content for informative emails and social media posts! 

For example, I go on Facebook every single week and make a video. Doing all this stuff, it’s a lot of work, and it’s a lot of time. But we still need to do marketing constantly and we always need to be creating content! 

So repurpose your content! There are two pieces of content you can create, webinars and books. And you have a sales funnel so you can move people from an ebook to a paid or free webinar, and from there to a paid consultation. 

If you break it down into the smallest parts, you need content and your sales funnel. They help each other as a robust marketing tool to bring in leads and turn those leads into paying clients.