In this month’s blogs, I’ll be talking about sales, sales, and more sales. This is my favorite topic. I’ve had the most incredible month in the history of my law firm, with numbers that I never would have thought possible. It has blown every other earnings value I’ve ever shared with you out of the water.

And it’s because of sales, and in particular, asking for the sale.

The three principles of sales are:

  • Stop over-explaining
  • Be prepared for objections
  • Ask for the sale

Now before we start, I’m going to first talk about asking for the sale. Many lawyers get exasperated and throw their hands in the air because they think it’s something we shouldn’t do, even though it has given me my incredible earnings numbers!

This is so important. Having sales tactics is not slimy, and actively promoting sales for your firm is not sleazy. Sales are not hurriedly trying to get someone to buy something that they don’t need. Obviously these prospective clients need you. They have reached out to you to secure your services, right?

Sales are simply making sure that your target audiences understand how they can acquire your services.

When you don’t use sales practices– when you don’t ask for the sale–you’re actually leaving money on the table and leaving people underserved or unserved all together.

And the reason is we don’t know how to communicate and connect in the consultation from a sales perspective.

Most lawyers fail to communicate and connect through sales

It’s true. We don’t know how to communicate and connect through sales. And moreover, even when we are connecting, we tend to stop short of actually closing the sale.

Why? Because we are not asking for the sale.

Asking for the sale: what does that mean?

Asking for the sale is NOT:

  • “Are you gonna buy from me?”
  • “Will you buy right now?”

That is definitely not what the process entails. It is far more organic than that.

Basically, asking for the sale involves informing your prospective clients that you are ready to get started with their case and that they can work with you in order to get things done. It is letting them know that you are ready to help them acquire the change in their lives that they’ve been waiting for, or solve their most niggling pain points at the present–  even if their main goal might still be far off.

And importantly, asking for the sale is about telling them you can get started while they’re at their peak interest while talking to you, whether physically, by phone, or through an online meeting.

Make sure you’re telling them IN THAT MOMENT that you can get started.

That’s what sales really comes down to. We’re not selling items. We’re selling our services, so making a sale means getting started on their cases right away!

If you’re going to make more money for your law firm, you need to stop being afraid of sales. Accept and utilize its power to transform your leads into clients. You have to give them the nudge to get the services they need.

Again, utilizing sales practices is not sleazy. Sales is not a slimy process. It’s not undignified. It’s not something you should treat like it’s beneath you.  In fact, in your case, it’s actually helpful and valuable, because you’re doing something good for your clients’ — you’re changing lives.

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