If you’re marketing to everyone, then you’re marketing to no one. You can’t serve everyone, and not everyone is the right client for you. You’re not the right lawyer for every person, so it’s essential to hone in on what type of client you want to go after and who you want to serve.

For example, my law firm focuses on serving the Mexican community in the Seattle area because that’s my ideal target market. Figure out who you want to attract to your firm so you can communicate with them more effectively through your marketing.

One of the mistakes that most people make in marketing is asking the wrong question. You constantly hear people asking, “Where do I market?” There are limitless places to market, but it what it really comes down to is who you want to market to. This boils down to a few groups of people: Who you want to work with, where you have experience, and where you feel like you can add the most value.

That said, there are three levels to reaching your ideal target market.

Know Your Demographic

Narrow down your ideal client by fundamental things such as age, gender, geolocation, job type, and household income, to name a few. Your target demographic is something that you should know like the back of your hand. If someone asks who your ideal client is, you should be able to off the top of your head say, “My ideal client is 35 to 45 years old, male, works in these certain industries.” Simple as that.

You can have more than one ideal client, but understand that each client group needs to have a different strategy tailored toward them since they will likely have different needs. It’s imperative that you know their differences and don’t try to lump them together. If you don’t differentiate between them, it’s going to be hard to reach either of them in a meaningful way.

Know Your Psychographic

What are the goals, pain points, and challenges of your ideal clients? How are you solving those challenges and pain points for them? For example, in my law firm I work with the Mexican community in the Seattle area, so they typically need help with immigration. Their goal is to legally stay in the US, so I help them with filing paperwork and going to court to make that possible for them. That’s their challenge, and I’m here to support and serve them.

Know Where They Are Spending Time

For example, I’ve become known as the attorney in the Mexican community in Seattle who does a lot of Facebook Live videos. I started doing this because I know my market spends a lot of time on Facebook, and it has really helped me build my client base.

Think about where they hang out, maybe your target market hangs out more on LinkedIn. Maybe you’re a business attorney or a contracts attorney, and you’re working only with businesses. Find out whether your market spends more time on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Do research on where they are so you can effectively reach them!

I found a lot of success just finding my one ideal client and honing in on that. By finding your ideal client you can increase revenue, improve client satisfaction, and grow your law firm.

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