We are in quite a state right now in the United States, and worldwide. There is a lot of fear and anxiety. Many people are overwhelmed and riddled with uncertainty. In these next blogs, I’ll focus on the steps you can take for your firm to ensure you survive these changing times.

The past few months have been unprecedented, and it’s natural to feel a little lost. It’s not an easy time, but we’re in this together. If I can support you in any way, please let me know. I just did a free webinar– and I’ll do more as my way of offering support–in addition to my daily Facebook Live business chat at 7:30 am Pacific. Join me there. It’s a chat aimed towards helping you grow your business.

Yes, you can still grow your business. But you do have to make adjustments for the current economic climate. We’re in the middle of a crisis. 

Keep your law firm going

The effects of a crisis of this scale are far-reaching, and in the case of this pandemic, it has made the world stop. People have had to stay home from work. Businesses were forced to close. We’re all ordered to shelter in place to try to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of the virus.

But while businesses are closed so people can stay home, it doesn’t mean their customers stop needing or wanting their products and services. 

It’s the same for your law firm. The people you serve do not stop needing your help. So you have to keep your law firm in operation in order to continue serving your clients. 

Just like other businesses and companies have stepped up to continue serving their clients and their communities, you can do the same. There are still opportunities that arise from a crisis. 

The mindset you need to keep going

Your mindset sets the stage for everything you need to do to make it through this crisis. 

Take quick action now. You can do it. You should. 

You may have to do things that you haven’t had to do before or you find that you have to do more things than you’ve ever done, differently from how you usually do them. Now more than ever, you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You’re going to have to be creative, okay? And most important of all, you can’t let perfectionism get you down. 

Take action without letting fear and your self-inflicted need to be perfect get in the way. Because if you’re not taking action right now, you’re going to fall by the wayside. 

Even when your efforts increase, your results may not. That’s okay. 

Taking action means you’re going to have to put in anywhere from three to ten times the effort to get the same results that you had before everything changed. 

You’ll have to work super hard to get business and you may not get the huge payout to which you’re accustomed in “normal” times. 

That’s okay. Don’t let that discourage you.

Release the need for an outcome

It is important that right now your mindset is one in which you have released the need for an outcome. 

Instead of looking at outcomes, be in charge of your decisions and your actions. Release expectations for now. 

Look at it this way, if: 

  • You post a video, you do a Facebook Live, you work hard 
  • You expect 10 new clients this month

When you do all of that and don’t get 10 clients, now what? Do you give up? Do you decide you’ll try again next month when things are back to normal? 

That’s my challenge for you. I want you to keep taking action no matter the results you get. Keep moving forward, work consistently, look at your results, and move forward again. 

And that is exactly how you’re going to get through this.

Your mindset should be action-focused. Release the need for results and outcomes, so you also release expectations and prevent the disappointment that might discourage you from going forward. 

You don’t know what’s going to happen? This has always been true. 

We all took a chance when we went solo. We don’t know what will or won’t work. There was never a certainty that our law firms would make it. There never is a guarantee. Even with my own business, which I nurture, there’s really no guarantee that it’s going to make it another month. 

That’s the nature of business. This crisis is shining a big spotlight on the fact that we really don’t know what’s going to happen. 

It’s scary, isn’t it?

But the thing is, this has always been true. There’s always been uncertainty. Think of this COVID-19 financial crisis as another challenge you just need to get through. 

When we step into that space, it makes it easier to accept the unknown because we realize business has always been full of unknowns. 

Choose your obsession

You can either be obsessed with the novel coronavirus or you can be obsessed with your clients instead. Choose where you will place your focus.   

With the majority of news and social media coverage being about the global pandemic, it’s understandable that it occupies the majority of your thoughts and attention. It can take over your thinking and energy leaving little for your business. 

So my challenge to you is to divert your obsession to serving your clients, in the way they need to be served during this time. 

Your clients need you. You do life-changing, important work. No matter the time, crisis or not, your clients need you. 

So be there for your clients. If you weren’t already, this is the time to be obsessed with them. Serve them, show up. You need it to survive because it’s the vehicle for the great work you do. 

Of course you also need to pay your bills, and if you have staff, you need to be able to pay them, too.

You have to get through this and more than ever, you need to be business obsessed. I’m not saying you should ignore the current events. Stay updated: check the news once a day and then get out of there. Get off of social media because it eats time and can be very triggering. 

Keep this in your mind and don’t let the current events crowd it out, “How can I supercharge my business?”