This tip will cost you $10.00 and can bring in profits of $20,000 or more! Now, let me first tell you about the idea that I had when I came up with this strategy and the reasoning behind it. Basically, I wanted to have a radio show, but I don’t like to be in the same place every single week if I don’t have to, and radio shows can be really expensive. They can be $2,000 or more per month, and I didn’t want to pay that for marketing. Keep in mind, this was all before Facebook live came out.

So I wanted to come up with how I could have a radio show experience without having an actual radio show. What I came up with was that I was going to use Uber Conference, which is a conference call line that only costs $10.00 a month, and I wanted to have people be able to call in and ask their legal questions live, similar to how a radio show would work.

So I put out this message that people could call in and get free legal advice, and I figured everyone would sit on the line and listen to each other’s questions. Since it was a conference call number everyone could be on there at once, regardless of if they were currently asking a question or not.

When I tried it, it didn’t work out exactly the way I imaged, but it still turned out to be profitable! So let me tell you more about how I set up my uber conference calls.

Basically, you first go to where you can purchase a number. You can purchase a subscription and get a number that doesn’t require pin access, which means that anyone who has the number can call in at a certain time and be on the line. That’s the first step that you need to take.

Then you can publicize that you’re going to do a free call where people can call in and get legal advice from a reputable lawyer. I set my conference call time to be on Sundays at 6:00 pm because that was a really good time for my target market to be able to call in. So, I would start the call at that time and people could call in. I scheduled it for only an hour, and in the course of an hour, I would probably get about 30 people calling in. They were all really quick calls, it was essentially like doing a quick consultation. You must make sure to let everyone know that it’s a public number, and that people can stay on the line to listen to questions and that nothing they say is confidential. After that disclaimer, you’re all set to start asking them questions and analyze their case.

When I saw that a caller qualified for some more advanced legal help I would suggest that we have a real consultation to talk about their issue in more detail. I would also offer them a discounted consultation if they called the firm number at that moment and scheduled a consultation. My normal consultation fee is $150, so I would say something like, “You can have an $80.00 consultation if you call right now to schedule.”

Another way I went about offering consultations was by just scheduling the caller to come in to get started on their case. I would skim over the pricing so they would have an idea of it when they came in, and then we could just schedule them to come into the office on the spot.

Both of these strategies turned out to be extremely efficient, because even if you only get 10 people that call in and one of those turns into a case, that case could end up being $8,500, and then that person might refer people to you. I would say between every call, I made at least $20,000 in new business, all because of something I did that cost me only $10.00.

The way I would promote my conference calls was through my personal Facebook page and my firm Facebook page. I made an event on my Facebook calendar to show that there was this free call, I scheduled it, and I promoted it on the page. When people called into my law firm and they didn’t want to pay for a consultation, my staff would tell them to call in for the free call. We called it a free phone call, but you could also call it a free consultation or a free phone legal clinic. You can phrase it in any way you want, but it pretty much had immediate success.

When Facebook came out with Facebook Live, I was able to leverage this idea into Facebook live, which I have a totally different podcast on, but some people still don’t feel comfortable speaking live on a camera in front of others. So this is a really great alternative to help you be able to make more money in your practice. I also consider this almost like a pro bono service, it’s like running a free legal clinic. You get to inform people and provide them with valuable information, and then if they want to continue with your representation you can easily make that happen.

This is very easy, very quick, and you could probably even sync up with a local radio station or other community organizers who would be able to promote the phone call and make it even more successful! You can just say that you’re answering legal questions and analyzing people’s cases for free, and ask if they’d be willing to help you promote it. The hardest part is going online and getting your phone number, and at the end of the day, that part is pretty easy too!  All of this can work out very quickly and easily for you with just a little bit of strategy and planning. I would say that you only need about a week or two to advertise to get enough people on the call, and if it’s successful maybe you start doing it once a month. Be consistent with your date and time so people can count on it and plan around it, and in turn, this will help you grow your business!