The most common mistake lawyers make is putting off using/hiring a product/service as much as possible. We think that’s just for big firms. We want to DIY everything, and if we could figure out how to do things, then there’s no need to pay someone or a company for their service or product.

But investing in a product/service actually makes things easier for you and your firm. Your firm’s performance and customer service will see great improvements with the help of these investments!

Here are my law firm essentials I use for my practice.


Focus more on running your firm as a business AND garner unbiased financial reports!

I recommend Bench.co. They’re 100% virtual, and they have a mobile app where you can track your monthly financial statements and expense overviews!

Credit card processing company

For your credit card processing, I recommend Stripe! It’s easy to use, especially if you’re just starting to run your firm as a business.

Payroll processing

Gusto comes at the top of my list for highly-recommended payroll services! You can also sync your payroll with your time-tracking software!

Legal financing service

My firm uses iQualify Lending for our legal financing service. In just a few minutes after their application, our clients can already determine if they’re qualified for financing! In case they get denied, iQualify can handle their payment plan for you.


Phone Answering Service

I recommend you to try AbbyConnect! You can try them free for two weeks, and if you decide to hire them, they’ll waive your fees by signing up here. Or you can call them and say that you learned about them from me.

Case Management System

Some of the best case management system software you can try are MyCase (I’m using this for my firm!), Clio and PracticePanther.

Server Backup

Upload and secure your files with file hosting services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Time tracking

My firm has switched from the traditional logging in and out to digital tracking with Open Time Clock!

Gmail for Business

With a G Suite access, everyone in your firm can have professional-sounding emails with your firm’s domain name!

Boomerang for Gmail

Get your emails re-sent any time you want with Boomerang for Gmail. No more cluttered inbox and missed emails!

Email marketing/newsletter

Get in touch with your potential and existing clients with newsletters! You can easily create one with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Klaviyo and more.

For more about my favorite tools, read this blog post, 11 Absolute Service Must-Haves of a Law Firm.


Quote Sheets

In the Ally Lozano Sales Academy, I’ve stressed the importance of a quote sheet, which includes a breakdown of all legal fees and other additional costs of the case. No more waiving your fees when you’re quoting!

Infographics about case types

To enlighten your clients about their case’s process, provide a visual guide, i.e. infographics.

Tip: Clients are only interested in the solution, so don’t go overboard with the content of your infographic. It’s best to stick to processes where you’ll need their participation.

Contract for clients

Have a contract ready in case a client decides to sign on the spot! This way, you can proceed immediately on solving the case and your agreement with the client stays protected.

Independent contractor contract

If you’re using an independent contract, make sure that the contract enlists all your roles and responsibilities, such as:

  • The details of your legal service
  • Terms of agreement
  • Payment details
  • The time span of the work

Products and Miscellaneous Items


It’s easier and quicker to scan your paper documents with a separate scanner like ScanSnap!

Brother Printer

A cheaper yet efficient printer for your firm.

Smead Folders

These sturdy file folders are perfect for keeping your documents and other papers organized. You can also sort these folders by color, based on case type!

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