Know your true worth. Join me!

Nothing good happens until you make it happen. I’m here to help you take the first steps of many toward creating the legal practice that adds to your life, instead of draining your very life energy.

With helpful tools for every stage of your career, from Associate to Partner or Owner, I offer easy-to-implement solutions to help you transform your law practice, and your life.


I struggled to make ends meet for YEARS before creating my all-new, more systematic approach that resulted in a six-figure income after only a few months! The joy I find in sharing these tools and insights with you now makes all those years of “figuring it out” worth it. Join me in this dynamic group interface where we’ll learn from and celebrate each other’s cases, client wins and most importantly, one another.

In this yearlong membership I’ll share the timesaving tips and methods I’ve acquired to build my (now) seven-figure practice. Plus, you’ll have the encouragement of other like-minded female attorneys who are also ready to take the next step in their careers.

Topics include:

  • The 6 keys to running a successful practice
  • Running your firm like a business instead of case-to-case
  • How to effectively market your services
  • Successful office finances
  • Managing your time and your personal life
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Streamlining and automation = more time for your life
  • Celebrating female attorneys throughout the country!


I believe so much in your own ability to take total control of your law practice and shape it into a fully functioning, fully profitable business, that I wrote a book about it! No time for yearlong membership? Select my book plus a few supporting templates, and start putting my proven business practices to work for you.


You know the power of one-on-one consultations-you use them everyday. We’ll use the same open dialogue on a peer level to help you begin elevating your law practice. Combining your knowledge of my book and a membership to Six-Figure Solo as a foundation, I’ll be your sounding board (even a shoulder to cry on), business advisor and life-coach as we raise your law practice to new levels of profitability. Come ready to work and play! We’ll focus on your business challenges, personal development goals and on anything standing between you and the life you were born to live. Key takeaways from our time together:

  • Gain more clients and charge what you really deserve
  • More time and freedom to build a life that supports you
  • Learn how to effectively streamline your procedures


Stop underearning today! Learn Value-Based Quoting and start earning your worth. In just 6 weeks, you and your firm will be transformed with Ally Lozano Sales Academy.

Learn about Value-Based Quoting, communicating with your clients and how it will empower you to find the value in what you offer.

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