In my signature program, I share the time saving tips and methods I’ve acquired to build my (now) seven-figure practice. Plus, you’ll have the encouragement of other like-minded female attorneys who are also ready to take the next step in their careers.
Topics include:

  • The 6 keys to running a successful practice
  • Running your firm like a business instead of case-to-case
  • How to effectively market your services
  • And Much More!

Million Dollar Law Firm

On-demand program, referred to by my colleagues as the “Netflix of business training for lawyers” where you get monthly business content on how to grow your law firm!

Each month you will get brand new courses such as:

  • The Law Firm Business School where I discuss how to run your law firm like a business
  • The Ally Lozano Sales Academy
  • The Law Firm Makeover course – my signature streamlining and automation course
  • QUARTERLY calls with me, one-on-one, to strategize for your business
    And Much More!

8-Week Accelerator Program

My 8-Week Accelerator Program is designed for the advanced attorney who wants to uplevel her law firm to the next level. This is a custom-crafted program specifically designed for you. You will meet with me 1:1 for 8 weeks where we’ll review your law firm, create strategies to grow and bring in more customers.


Are you burnt out and overwhelmed by running your solo practice? Do you love the work that you do but hate the business side of things? The reason that so many solos struggle with running a law firm is because law school didn’t teach us how to run a business. We go from law school to law firms to our solo and small practices without learning any of the tools that make a business successful.

Law Firm Business School: The MBA for Your Law Practice will teach you the business basics that you need to know to run your law firm successfully. With the lessons in this book, you will be able to transform your law practice into a thriving business!

Executive-to-Executive Consulting

As your consultant, my goal is to help you quickly identify those areas of your practice that either need a bit of refinement, or perhaps a complete overhaul to bring you back to operating efficiency. Either way, I’ll deliver my recommended next-steps as an understanding friend and colleague who faces similar challenges every day.


Do you know that you are meant for more? Do you know your law firm COULD be better but growth has been slow? Do you feel like you can get there eventually but want to see results NOW?

The Million Dollar Mastermind will help catapult you to success!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Monthly meetings by Zoom – they say it’s lonely at the top… and it’s even lonelier as a solo or small firm owner. Our monthly calls will give you accountability so you are growing your law firm.
  • Quarterly retreats – women-only retreats. Two will be to Seattle- I will bring you in to show you how we do things in my office- to see my team in action, walk you through how we do things, and work on building your business.
  • Two will be in my home in Sayulita, Mexico -we will do business strategy sessions, I will teach you how to run your law firm from anywhere in the world, and we will have some fun-taking a boat cruise, doing surfing lessons, and enjoying life in an incredible Mexican beach town.


You’re not just running a law firm, but a dynamic, multi-faceted business with the power to set you free. My book hands you the secrets of my many years spent discovering how to create a law firm that works for you, not the other way around. Your book order includes valuable e-docs to help you operate more efficiently.


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