This current challenge to entrepreneurs worldwide is unprecedented. It’s normal to be fearful and anxious for your business. I know this has been terribly bad timing for so many. Some have chosen this year to start or overhaul their law firm, or some have implemented new strategies hoping to push this year as their best. 

And it’s all currently moot in the crisis we face. 

Our worry for our family and friends is compounded with our worry for our business, our financial status, our employees. How do we cope? 

Be careful with your thoughts

Recognize that you need to manage this so it won’t turn into stress and anxiety. 

Worry and fear is normal. It’s natural. It shows how much you care for your business. Anxiety is more persistent. It develops slowly so you don’t notice it, but over time, you seem to be anxious for the entire week. You’re exhausted and drained by it. Your employees, your partner or your kids might notice your temper is shorter and more explosive. 

You’re indecisive and prone to panic attacks. Then this alternates with depression and lethargy. You either overeat or can’t find an appetite to eat. 

It’s a vicious cycle because all the above result in heartburn, ulcers, alcohol dependency, insomnia, reduced libido, and bodily tension, which in turn also cause the above symptoms. For example, acid reflux from heartburn can make you feel like your heart is racing in your chest. It’s awful. 

So be careful. Don’t overwork to escape the fearful thoughts in your head. In the first place, if you operate from anxiety, you’ll only make poor business decisions that lead to poor results. 

So take care of yourself. Be careful with your thoughts. 

Get a handle on your mind. 

Listen to your thoughts so your lawyer brain can argue for counterattacks. This current crisis is exacerbating fears and anxieties. Your brain is probably on overdrive telling you all of the ways that you are NOT going to make it through, and those reasons might be playing on a repeat loop in your mind. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • If people don’t have money, then they can’t hire me.
  • The people that I serve are getting laid off so they can’t afford my services.
  • People are going to spend only on the things that deem essential and therefore not on their legal cases.
  • Unemployment is at an all-time high. How can people think of anything other than their jobs right now?
  • I was barely making it before, how can I make it now? 

And this is just a start, I am sure there are more.

Argue FOR the ideas and solutions. 

Your lawyer brain can and will argue against every solution you might think of or find from resources (like this blog or my ebooks). Your brain was trained to do that.

I also know that your lawyer brain can accept everything that I’m telling you but WITH CAVEATS. Yes, we all love our footnotes with caveats. You can easily poke holes even in the ideas that you agree with. 

Recognize your uniquely trained lawyer brain, then wrangle it to ARGUE FOR every solution you decide to implement. 

For example: 

  • I’ll post more. I’ll be more active on social media. 

Your brain’s counterargument: People will hate you for flooding their social media.  

Your counterargument: That’s not true. People won’t see everything I post. 

Your brain: Why should you use social media marketing anyway? Business should come from referrals. 

You: THIS is the right time to do marketing. People are looking at social media and emails more. 

Your brain: You’ll make mistakes and embarrass yourself on social media. 

You: It’s not about perfectionism, it’s about my message reaching my people. 

Your brain: Your people don’t need you right now. 

You: Yes, they do. People still need my services. People need to know the information I can give them. 

See? Argue FOR your solutions. Argue for your ideas to make it through this. Your livelihood (and your sanity!) depends on this. It does. 

Accept that it won’t be easy. 

Going in, I want to acknowledge now that it won’t be easy. Your brain will want to give you every single reason to give up, to say, “No, it’s not working. This isn’t right. I can’t do this.” 

But remember, you are going to use your legal skills to argue against those thoughts to keep your business going. So tell your brain that, “Yes, it’s not going to be easy.” 

Not only do I want you to keep your business going, I want you to keep your business THRIVING. I want your business to be BOOMING. I want you to serve more people than you ever have before. 

You do important, life-changing work. People need you! Don’t let them down. Don’t let yourself down. 

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