Being a solo practitioner does not have to mean going it alone.

If you love law as much as I do, you’re no stranger to personal sacrifice. You’ve put in endless hours working for someone else, missing birthdays and perhaps losing yourself in the process. And if already out on your own, you’ve likely given clients way too much control as you put their needs first. Sound familiar?

I used to be right where you are now. Long before becoming a seven-figure law firm owner, I was killing myself working for law firms that were cutthroat, unhappy, and underpaid work environments. I questioned, “Is this what being a lawyer is really all about?” Of course not, but even without a clear alternative in sight I decided that no level of job security was worth my personal sense of well-being. I quit and headed out on my own.

While my leap of faith has ultimately carried me far, those first years of running a solo business were a personal training ground of trial and error. Lots and lots of error. I was practicing in Mexico and expecting my first son when a hurricane took our material possessions (that’s all, thankfully). I no longer had the luxury of “just getting by.” I quickly decided that I would run my law firm as a true business and no longer as some sort of legal charity center. And now I have grown my law firm to multiple 7-figures and have a staff of over 50 people.

More powerful than any new management system or technique I can teach you, is this underlying truth that you are not simply running a law firm, but a business. Done correctly–as I will guide you step-by-step–it becomes your key to unlocking the door to a truly better life.

I can’t wait to help you get started.


Success becomes more powerful when shared.

I find great joy in sharing the secrets that have helped me transform my own legal practice, fully detailed in my Six Figure Solo Program. Andrea took my lessons to heart, and now has a thriving practice and time for soccer games!

Already participating as an AMIGA, I first met Ally in 2016 at the Women, Power, and Money (WoPoMo) conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Then an associate attorney at a law firm for more than five years, I was playing with the idea of starting my own immigration law firm. Ally’s presentation added instant credibility to the notion that yes, I could do this! She helped me to define my idea of “success,” including how many hours I wanted to work, my unique strengths, what my ideal client base would look like, and what my business model would be. Only a few months later I founded my own law firm, and I haven’t looked back. Thank you Ally!”


“Doing great work and earning a great living are not mutually exclusive.”

– Ally Lozano