We’re pushing through into the new year. We usually come into the year– or into the week or the month– very determined, but then we get pummelled by annoying clients and annoying people in general. 

Every day comes with some rain. It’s not always sunny. I won’t go into more cliches, but yes, we have bad days. It can be very demotivating, especially if you’re just starting out as a solopreneur. Our brains become defensive, trying to find a way to explain away these bad circumstances with bad beliefs and false stories. 

If you’ve read my blogs and listened to my podcasts, you know I always encourage you to rewrite that narrative. You can always flip those negative thoughts and edit those stories in your head.

Your clients want to pay you 

Turn that into a mantra. “My clients want to pay me!”

This is the most prevalent false belief among lawyers, among women entrepreneurs especially. A lot of us have false narratives about underearning. 

You know the drill on how it happens: 

  1. You do a consultation
  2. Your prospect doesn’t sign up with you
  3. You find out that the prospect went with someone cheaper 

Your brain starts to spin tales: 

  • “Nobody wants to pay me at this rate.”
  • “Nobody wants to pay me for my work.”

Those are lies you are telling yourself. You know what’s amazing about this? It’s often created out of one incident! Don’t let one lost client send you into a tornado of negative thoughts. Just because that client didn’t pay you does NOT mean all your clients won’t pay you and that no one wants to pay you. 

Be aware of false stories your brain might spin

Lawyers’ brains are highly logical. We make conclusions based on facts. It’s part of our psyche. It’s part of our training! 

But quickly applying these (often inaccurate) conclusions to the business of running our firms is where it can get dicey, because we can make false assumptions here. 

If you charge $15,000 and you believe no one will ever pay anything close to that because of a rejection from one client, that’s a false story right there.

It doesn’t mean you should charge a lower rate. It doesn’t mean no one will pay you your fair rate. 

It’s not true. Someone can and will pay you the rate you deserve. 

Focus on the things you can control

A client deciding to choose another lawyer is not within your control. 

The key is to focus on the things that you can control: your marketing, your content, your case flow, and your customer service. All of these things are within your control. You can use them to attract the cases you want, the clients you want, clients who will pay you at the rates you quote. 

Don’t let your own false stories take root and grow in your head. If they’re already there, chop them down. Be confident in your fees. Remember the value you bring to your clients. Focus on improving your customer experience so you can be self-assured in the excellence you deliver and the rate that excellence deserves. 

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