Building your dream business means you’ll have to solve various problems every day. 

Working with a difficult client, paying monthly dues, managing conflicts between people, and so much more will sap you of your positive energy if you’re not careful. 

I had this high maintenance client and he wanted me to deliver an important task on a specific date and time. You know that kind of client — very demanding. And as you’d expect, his document submissions were mostly legally incorrect.

And I’ve had several clients of the years with strict, often unreasonable, deadlines.

Everything became stressful. 

I’ve actually found this to be true about the most difficult clients, and we all have them — most of the things that go wrong stem from handling a difficult client. 

Why? Because all the stress and negative emotions lead to mistakes. 

Negative thinking leads to more negativity

You know my husband is my business manager. During one of these difficult clients, he wrote a check and dated it for 2015. 

My husband writes hundreds of checks and had never made this mistake before. But this client was so difficult. 

All the negative energy surrounding that case led to that mistake. 

That little, random mistake led to setbacks: rescheduling, refiling, higher fees. It overall just sucked. 

It showed me a pattern, however. Negative client, negative energy, negative events. It was a cycle of negativity. 

We don’t want this for our business. Who does? You need to step out of that negative cycle and undo it, prevent it from spreading, and attracting more negative circumstances. 

Positivity does matter to entrepreneurs

Aside from the usual problems in law firms, there’s still the ongoing pandemic. The economy is still down and a lot of businesses are affected.

A positive attitude won’t be easy to maintain during times like this. We have so many concerns and anxieties in our minds. 

But the more you remind yourself of why positivity matters for you and your business, the better you’ll become at adjusting your thoughts.

When your mindset is in the right place, it will reflect in how you work, and how you communicate with your employees and clients. 

This leads to better energies and attitudes all around. Remember, you’re the CEO of your law firm. If you’re calm and positive, your employees will be calm and positive. Your firm’s productivity will improve. Everyone feels good and fulfilled, so you and your team genuinely and happily want to serve and help people. You all will love your jobs. This then shows through your phone calls and emails. 

So…you attract the same positive clients to your firm. Maybe you even shame that bad client into remembering their manners and they become easy enough to deal with while on the phone with you or your staff! 

This is the cycle of positivity you want. 

You need positivity to develop your grit

Grit ensures that an entrepreneur is self-motivated while sticking to their goals despite any setbacks. Positivity makes you resilient when the going gets tough.

Remember, there will always be rough patches. No matter how successful you become, you’ll still encounter failure. And that’s okay! 

This gives you mental toughness. This develops your grit. You need both to grow and keep you going when things don’t look the best. Just keep going. 

Positivity also gives you that “this will pass” mentality as you keep going. 

Develop a positive entrepreneurial attitude

Difficult clients are no excuse. Entrepreneurs are made to solve problems. Here are some tips to improve your mental state:

  • Work on positive self-talk. When negative thoughts are taking over, redirect your mind with words of affirmation. It takes practice, but with some work this can turn into a habit.
  • Take care of your physical health. Get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, and meditate. Spending time with family, friends, and mentors detoxifies negativity.
  • Practice gratitude. Whether you use a handwritten journal, your laptop or phone, write down at least 3 things you’re thankful for at the start of the day. Notice how this small practice can influence your state of mind right away

Stay aligned with your purpose.

There will always be clients that try to mess things up with their negative energy. Don’t let them affect you and your mission.

Keep your purpose in sight, and why you do what you do. — you’re good at it, you help people, you change lives. When you keep this in mind, it does seem silly to let a difficult client ruin your flow. 

I want to remind you how amazing you are. I want you to have the business of your dreams. I want you to empower yourself and through you, empower others. 

When you have a purpose, you have something so big that you’re bringing to this world. Keep moving forward with a positive attitude.

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