Scale your business and accommodate rapid growth with this proprietary method by Ally Lozano

Mindset is the KEY to success!

Are you working tons of hours and you just feel like you can never get ahead?

Do you feel like the work is never done? Do you feel like you’re never caught up? Do you feel like you can’t even sleep at night because it’s just too stressful?

Only 1% of women are millionaires. Let’s change that! My mission is to help you build a 7-figure law firm. I’m going to teach you my practical, easy-to-follow secrets of running a thriving law firm that they don’t teach you in law school. I’ll help you replace constant financial stress and long hours away from your family with a vibrant and profitable legal practice that is going to shock you when you realize how simple it was. You’re constantly looking out for everyone else in your life–it’s time to take care of you.

I want to help you take your law firm from the mistakes that we were taught wrong to teach you my SEVEN FIGURE LAW FIRM FORMULA a new, innovative and better way to run your law firm and boost your practice.

You must show up consistently for marketing, sales, and for your clients. With marketing, there are no days off- no breaks from posting content. You have to show up every single day without excuses. 

Scaling to 7  figures is not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to be wrong and also accept that you will fail.. a lot. In fact, I live by the mantra, “Rush toward failure.” Whenever I have a new idea that I want to try out and we start to implement it, our team goes fast to get to those first failures, because once we have them, we can tweak things and improve the idea or realize that the idea simply won’t work. 

Becoming a 7-figure entrepreneur requires humility and at the same time a steadfast self-belief. These qualities often feel in direct opposition to one another, but they work together. 

You have to know you’ll fail first (which requires humility to accept) and then succeed second (which requires extreme self-belief when you are deep in the failure).

Client Testimonial
I don’t know how to begin to say thank you. I was living paycheck to paycheck and always late on payments in January because business was so slow toward the end of the year. My gross revenue at the end of 2017 was $122k. After only 1 year of implementing your suggestions, I have revolutionized my practice and my life!  We closed out 2018 with over $228k in revenue! My goal for 2019 is to double this! Liz Garza

Valdez Garza Law

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and change your practice with my SEVEN FIGURE LAW FIRM FORMULA

Ally Lozano

#1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Attorney and Entrepreneur

I am an award-winning immigration attorney, best-selling author, national speaker, and podcaster. I founded my law firm, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, in 2012, and after losing everything in a hurricane in 2014, I grew my firm into a 7-figure practice in the course of three years. I am one of the leading business coaches whose SEVEN FIGURE LAW FIRM FORMULA for female lawyers has changed the lives of thousands seeking to quit their 9-5 job and launch their own business. I live in the Seattle suburbs with my husband and our five children.

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